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Response to some questions raised in the "hiding from the proposal" post

Posted by Mohammad Khan on September 29, 2011 at 2:50 PM

Some allegations were made in the previous post. I have filtered through these allegations and my response is as follows. I do not expect anybody to agree with my answers and neither do I want to engage in a crossfire with the questioners. I do not have the time.

1. “Mohammed Khan, you know what you are - a stalker. You are like a hyenia - you stalk people and keep attacking them. But like a coward you never show your own face and just sit back. You probably think all this is funny too. You are a bully and a hatemonger. Leave people alone - send them an invitation, if they accept - ok. If not, get lost. You're a disgrace to humanity if I've ever seen one.”

I do not stalk people. Ergun Caner is guilty of a countless number of lies and it is my duty, when possible, to expose these lies. The questioner is under the impression that I am doing this as some kind of joke just to annoy Ergun, but that really isn’t the case. If writing responses to lies and exposing discrepancies makes me a bully and hatemonger, then yes, I am the biggest hatemonger in the world. With regards to not showing my own face, this is completely irrelevant. I do not use a fake name, my name is Mohammad Khan, I am who I say I am and everyone on my facebook knows where I studied, how old I am and the kind of person I am. What will me showing my face to people like “Richard” achieve? This is a clear example of attacking the messenger and ignoring the message. The individual should just refute what I have presented or go away.

2. “Show your own face and stop being so scared. But instead you attack people constantly, and then run and hide. You are a coward, stalker and hatemonger. Is this typical for the followers of paedophile muhammad's ideology? I assume it is.”

I am not scared of anything. If I were scared, I wouldn’t have risked having legal action taken against me to restore my YouTube channel when John Ankerberg and Liberty University tried to shut me down. The scared ones in fact are, Ergun, Norman Geisler and Ergun’s gullible supporters who fail to sit down and spend an hour or two to study what it is that I have presented. With regards to running and hiding, this is actually funny. Where have I run to? Where am I hiding? I am always available! In fact, it is Ergun who is running and hiding from answering even a single point I have raised. With regards to the remainder of “Richard’s” statement about the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), I refer him to the following videos - 1 2 3 4 and 5.


3. “Mohammad Khan just can't accept the fact that millions of people leave Islam and come to Christ. He made many clips, not just about the Caner's. But he singled out Ergun especially and has been relentlessly attacking him from behind his computer screen for years now. I find such behaviour cowardly and really just below any human decency." 


This is a common allegation against me. And I have made it clear many times – I don’t care whether people leave Islam for Christianity, may Allah guide those who have been misguided on to the path of Shirk. But, when we have people like Ergun Caner who claim to have been Muslim for nearly 20 years and fall on their face when demonstrating their knowledge of Islam; the issues must be clarified. The questioner is under the impression that I am just talking nonsense about Ergun just because I can’t handle the fact that people are leaving Islam. If this were the case, how is it that I am able to compile 26 full videos that show blatant lies on behalf of Ergun? Or have I made nearly 30 videos that just go around in circles not dealing with any issues? Not forgetting to mention everything that is mentioned on the issues pages of this website. He says he finds my behaviour cowardly, but he is shooting himself in the foot when he makes such a statement. Allow me to define cowardly – cowardly is when you write books against Islam, say you are an ex Muslim, lie about Islam on stage and then refuse to speak to any Muslims. That is cowardly. Cowardly is when you don’t admit that you are a liar. Cowardly is when you tell your own Christian supporters to not invite Muslims to your events in fear of being exposed in public. So for me to be “hiding” behind a computer screen, what does this have to do with anything? If I am able to deal with this scandal from behind a computer screen then that is how I shall do it. Despite this, many people have met me in person and know what I do, it’s not like I am concealing my identity in any way, shape or form. By doing this work in my spare time, I have personally met people such as Shabir Ally and Adnan Rashid, both of whom saw me in person (obviously). My face is not important, if I were to ever meet Ergun in person, it’s not like I am going to shy away; I will happily be there.

4. "How about I'll take a picture of Mohammad or you Elvis Abdul Hakeem and then attack your for several years over the internet making clips that try their best to smear your character, family and story. Would you like that? No, I didn't think so. Well neither will anyone else. So learn some respect before you treat people like dirt and encourage such behaviour from others."

I most certainly would not like that. But this would not happen. Why? - Because I have not lied. If I had lied, then I am open to public exposure. So if the questioner can shed light on where I have lied, he should write a post as to why I am a liar. Also, this is nothing about smearing Ergun’s character. Had the questioner read the content of this site and watched the videos on YouTube he himself would realise that this is not the case. This site, along with the videos, take clips of Ergun and his brother Emir; and explains why they are either wrong, lying or making contradictory statements. That’s all. And by shedding light on these lies and contradictory statements, one will conclude that Ergun and Emir Caner are liars. It’s not about smearing their character.

5. "Now what has happened is that someone says he is an Ex-Muslim who has converted to Christianity, and has, as is his right, then criticized Islam (after all, Islam has a lot of things that can easily be criticized). Since then, Mohammad Khan has been relentlessly attacking Ergun and his family - without compassion or any kind of humanity. Sure, he doesn't agree with Ergun's views - fine, make a clip and state your opinion, I have no problem with that. But Khan has been attacking him and his family for years now - there is no boundary this person sets."

This is a wrong statement to make. Ergun Caner is not an ex Muslim as he claims. Ergun Caner was born to a Swedish mother and had a secular Muslim father who was the exact opposite as to what he described. During his early childhood, he did live with both secular parents but when he was less than 10, he lived with his non-Muslim mother who opposed Islam anyway. And it is this upbringing that explains why he does not know the fundamentals which even Muslim children would know. I have made clips and stated my opinions, so what’s the problem? The problem is that despite the evidence being so clear, people such as “Richard” refuse to accept it and resort to angry comments such as these. Not forgetting the fact that ‘til this day, Ergun does not bother to interact and explain his wrong doings. This accusation of relentless attacking is just a joke. How have I attacked him? By making videos that expose his lies? By posting articles on this site? By posting links to his supporters about his wrong doings? If that is what you call attack, then yes, I am a professional attacker. To say that I have been “attacking” him and his family for years is a huge exaggeration. Firstly, it’s not attacking – it’s publicly shedding light on a public figure’s lies. Secondly, I started this when I was 22, I am now 24 and last year I had a full years break in order to complete my university degree. So this accusation of relentless “attacking” is nothing but anger of being exposed on behalf of the questioner. Additionally, for him to say that I have no boundaries is totally wrong. If I lacked any boundaries, I would lie in order to expose to Ergun, but not once have I lied. Therefore, my boundary is a boundary of truth and integrity. If I were to lie even a single time, do you not think that his people would be on to me straight away? The fact that I have not once lied is what bothers them. They can’t refute me, not even on a single point.

6. "It's cyber bullying of an extent I have never seen before. People like Mohammad Khan should be thrown in jail - and I'm surprised he hasn't yet. He's the kind of person that would attack a schoolboy online so much until the schoolboy hangs himself. That's how far Khan would go - he really has really ZERO respect, tolerance or boundaries for others."

Cyber bullying? Does the questioner even know the meaning of bullying? Clearly not. All I am doing is taking clips of Ergun, analysing them and explaining them for people to see. And if my analysis of these clips demonstrates fraudulence on behalf of Ergun then so be it. I did not know one could be thrown in jail for exposing an evangelical fraud. I have been told I deserve an award, but here I have a person telling me I should be thrown in jail. On what charges? For breaking down audio and visual presentations of a public figure and explaining why he is wrong? And this statement of me being the kind of person that would attack a school boy to the point of suicide is outrageous. I love children, but I dislike liars. And for the record, this “attacking” and “bullying” can easily be stopped if Ergun were to drop the lying in his speeches. It’s that simple. He can continue to claim to be an ex Muslim, that’s fine. He can talk about Islam, that’s fine. But he should stop lying.

7. "Specifically, what are the lies about Islam that Mr Caner has stated?"

Please watch the entire series of these videos and explore this website in its entirety. Simple.

8. The other questions were regarding the trial of a supposed former Muslim in Iran.

I answer questions relating to Ergun Caner because that is what I know. However, in terms of the death penalty for apostasy, this is also in the Old and New Testament. I explained this to the Senior Pastor of Fairview Baptist Church. It is not my problem if Christians decide that their man made laws are superior to the laws of God. What we must understand is that the death penalty is only the last resort for an apostate. The way it is sometimes presented by Christians is as though it is Islamically sanctioned to heartlessly behead an apostate within a second of them renouncing their faith; this is not the case. If Christians say that death penalty for an apostate is wrong, then they have to agree that their scripture which says to kill apostates is also wrong.


To conclude, I believe that what I have stated above fully answers all the questions put to me. The links provided above will require ample amounts of time to go through, so if they decide to begin commenting and arguing without hesitation, we will understand that they are not genuinely looking for answers, rather, they are looking to argue. These are my answers, they will not change, if they are unhappy with them then, that's their problem.

Hiding from the proposal of Adnan Rashid

Posted by Mohammad Khan on September 26, 2011 at 6:35 AM

Last week, a challenge for a public dialogue was issued to Ergun Caner from Adnan Rashid. With Ergun generating a persona of a professional public debater who is willing to “debate anybody, anytime and on any topic”, it is obvious that he would accept this proposal from a well-known public speaker of iERA. But what has his response been?

1. Blocks me on Twitter

The blocking of me on Twitter actually happened before the challenge was issued, but I only realised a week or so ago when I clicked “follow”.

2. Emir Caner blocks me on Twitter

Having clicked “follow” on Emir Caner’s Twitter and posted him links to the challenge, he has blocked me.

3. Ergun's tells his supporters to ignore critics

On 22nd September 2011, Ergun told his supporters to “Block stalkers, trolls & incessant critics” after I posted links of the challenge to those who interact with him on Twitter.

Rather than giving a proper response to the challenge, Ergun is just running away. The question must be asked, why is a man of his calibre turning a blind eye to this challenge? Wouldn’t someone of his status be more than willing to confront a Muslim on a public platform? You would think so, but, evidently not.

This means that the likes of Ergun Caner are happy to just roam Churches talking about why Islam is “bad” whilst never having the desire to speak publicly with a Muslim, even though this is what he claims he does. The reason for why this is the case is clear – he will not be able to lie in the presence of Muslims.



Posted by Mohammad Khan on September 21, 2011 at 5:30 AM

A few weeks ago I spoke with Adnan Rashid. Adnan Rashid is a senior researcher and lecturer for iERA (Islamic Education and Research Academy). He is a historian with a speciality in the history of Islamic civilisation, comparative religion and Hadith sciences. He also takes a keen interest in Islamic numismatics, ancient manuscripts and antiques. He has debated many high profile figures in the field of politics, history, theology and Christianity. (Yes, this was pasted from his profile page). Adnan has dialogued the likes of James White, Jay Smith and various other individuals on the subject of Islam and Christianity.

Brother Adnan has requested that I put out an open challenge on his behalf to Ergun Caner for a public dialogue on the subject of Islam and Christianity. Ergun has spent ample amounts of time speaking on the subject of Islam in Churches and on Christian television but he has never actually spoken on a public platform with a Muslim. Although it is clear that Ergun does boast to have had 48/61 debates with Muslims, there is no record of such debates to have taken place. He has written books against Islam and has been speaking against it for such a long time, whilst boasting that he is ready to debate anybody, anytime and at any place. Thus, this is an opportunity for Ergun to come out and do what he says he does best – debate.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

The topic of Islam and Christianity is vast and thus a general dialogue as such would need several days; it is therefore recommended that the debate be narrowed down to a specific topic such as Qur’an or the Bible?, Is Jesus God?, The Truth about Jesus, Is Muhammad (pbuh) a true Prophet of God?, Which is The True Religion of God?, What is Jihad? Etc Unless Ergun is happy to have several debates  on all topics over a period of time?

This challenge is clear, open and awaiting a response from any of Ergun’s representatives. The request for a debate has also been submitted to Ergun yesterday on his website. Additionally, a personal email regarding this matter has been sent.

Let's wait and see if Ergun can defend his representations on Islam, or will he be happy to continue brainwashing gullible Christians unchallenged?

Please join the Facebook group of

Message sent to organisers of forthcoming apologetics to Islam teaching seminar

Posted by Mohammad Khan on September 18, 2011 at 5:30 AM

When Ergun got exposed for the fraud that he is, the ideal thing the Christians who supported him should have done is to not acquire him as a speaker. By doing this, they would have put the message across to him, his people and all those overlooking the scandal that they will not tolerate lying. In contrast to this, many people still call him in to speak at their Churches and seminars! I’m guessing that during the time of his exposure, he worried that he could no longer continue doing what he does because everybody would turn on him, but no, the exact opposite is happening so he probably thinks his fans are more stupid than he originally thought. And before anyone comments about using the word stupid, it is more than appropriate in this case.

From 10th to 15th October 2011, a teaching seminar has been organised by the Veritas Evangelical Seminary, which will take place at the Calvary Chapel Old Bridge teaching site. You enlarge the pictures by clicking them: 

Ergun will be the teacher for this Apologetics to Islam seminar! In case you're wondering why the image above still has the "sign up" button, this is because I was blocked from accessing the event page. Apparently they don't like me posting links that prove their money making speaker is a fraud. Is the cost of the seminar shocking?:

It seems as though that the more you pay, the bigger credit you will attain?

The fact that they are acquiring Ergun to teach, even more so teaching Islam, proves that the Veritas Evangelical Seminary condones lying in spreading their religion. This kind of reminds of those people that planned to wear black in support of Ergun!

I sent a thank you message to the Seminary and Church, it’s not very well worded, it was written in a rush, but I hope it still makes sense.


Apologetics to Islam or for Islam?

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Mohammad Khan






Message flagged Saturday, 17 September 2011, 16:01Message Body

To whom it may concern,

I am a Muslim wishing to thank you for arranging the Apologetics to Islam w/ Dr. Ergun Caner seminar scheduled between 10th Oct and 15th Oct 2011. The reason why I thank you is because you have hired Ergun Caner as the speaker; this man is not only a known liar to Muslims, but also to Christians. For you to be acquiring his services, you are enhancing the spread of Islam, so for this I would like to thank you also. You may be wondering, why is this the case? Here’s why – Ergun Caner has a foul mouth and teaches nothing but falsehood about our faith; quite literally, makes things up that are not Islamic at all and then has the nerve to attribute them to Islam. To people like you and your gullible followers who believe such men, you think you have attained great knowledge from a man who is an “expert” on Islam. But does arming people with lies work in the favour of Christian evangelism or the spread of Islam? The people who go to see him will be under the impression that they are ready to confront us Muslims and, when they do, we will gracefully correct them and present to them the truth and explain why people like Ergun purposely lie to them. So in essence, the more people Ergun teaches and encourages to confront us Muslims with his lies, the more opportunities you are making for us Muslims to correct them and give our dawah (invitation). And who knows? They may even embrace Islam - countless new Muslims were brought into Islam through the curiosity generated from such events. Think logically for a second – Ergun knows he is lying and knows he is arming people with lies, do you honestly think he is interested in spreading the Gospel?

If you have time, please watch this example of his lies and browse through the rest. If you are more of a reader, then just go to and read this ;

I hope you enjoy your seminar, I know I would.

Anyway, thank you so much, once again. Keep up the good work; you are helping the spread of Islam.


Mohammad Khan

"They desire to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, though they hate it."


How to fake being Muslim

Posted by Mohammad Khan on September 16, 2011 at 4:35 PM

When browsing through the site stats of I was welcomed with something strange. Somebody had actually searched "how to fake being muslim"! The words of the search criteria directed the visitor to this site, but that's not the point. Why would somebody want to fake being a Muslim? Maybe pretend to be a Muslim on YouTube and then suddenly make an apostasy video and moan about why Islam is bad etc? I don't know. Maybe the Google search was just someone being silly? It's possible, but still worth bringing to attention.

A couple of years ago I was welcomed with a message from a YouTube user who said he was a Muslim. He greeted me with salaam and frequently used phrases such as inshallah, mashallah and bismillah, as Muslims would. He contacted me to seek help in refuting a very well-known anti-Islamic website. He said he has been debating with them in their forum about so and so topic and he needs my help in proving them wrong. He mentioned the name of the man who he said he is trying to refute (will not mention it here, but his first name rhymes with Alley and he's a bit of a sinner *wink wink*). He would send me arguments the site had against Islam and ask how he should refute them; and all this within his "brother inshallah we can do this" and other sayings that would make him appear as Muslim (like telling me to join the forum and then "leave it Allah"). I advised him that the website he was trying to refute has no genuine interest in discussing any issues and that they just want to generate hatred towards Islam and Muslims. Moreover, the allegations of that site had been refuted several times by various people. Both being persistent - him quite literally begging me to go on that site and me advising him on how best to deal with things like that, he gave up. He then revealed himself; he began to mock me, use foul language and started calling me a coward (this is a nice way of putting it). He was not a Muslim at all. He was a fake who would troll around the YouTube accounts of Muslims pretending to be a Muslim himself and tricking people to go on to anti-Islamic sites. 

Regretfully, this happened before I uploaded any of my videos and my YouTube account was just an average un-used account; thus I would delete my messages not knowing that I may need them as evidence at a later date. 

In essence, this person was pretending to be a Muslim and trick real Muslims into going onto sites that encourage apostasy. Whether he was working for that website or not is something I do not know, but I wouldn't rule it out.

An explanation of the Sufi/Wahhabi issue and the reality of Ergun's mother

Posted by Mohammad Khan on September 15, 2011 at 4:05 PM

I recently uploaded part 26 of Ergun Caner’s exposure. Within this part, I used two audio snippets - In the former clip of 2007, we hear him telling his audience that his mother was Sufi. However, the latter of 2008, less than a year later, he is telling people that his mother was “Wahhabi”. This is clearly a contradiction and yet again, a demonstration of Ergun’s unrelenting dishonesty. [CONTINUE READING]

Ergun Caner lies AGAIN about Islamic marriage rights!

Posted by Mohammad Khan on August 22, 2011 at 2:55 PM

On February 3rd 2003, Ergun Michael “Mehmet” Caner delivered a lecture titled “20 things you must know to witness to a Muslim”. The meaning of witness in the Christian world is their equivalent of our “Dawah”, i.e. to invite people to your religion. The whole purpose of this lecture was as the title makes obvious – to educate the Christians on crucial Islamic matters before they begin to think about witnessing to us.


I used a clip from the same lecture in the previous post where he said it’s obligatory upon a Muslim widow to marry her brother in-law. We clarified that this was a deliberate lie on behalf of Ergun, nothing new; this is what he does best.

During the Q&A of the lecture, he was asked something along the lines of “what would happen if the all brother in-laws have already married the maximum number (4) permitted?” The answer that he gave is beyond a joke. He replied by saying that – if the brother in-laws are all married or do not want to marry you, then you have to marry your deceased husband’s uncle. And if the uncle’s are all married or do not want to marry you, then you must marry your deceased husbands nephews. He then went on to outline the possibilities; he stated that – there is a possibility of you being 30, married to 75 year old man and there is a possibility of you being 30, married to a 14 year old boy! You can see a summary of this in the following video:


You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.


Who does Ergun think he is? He literally makes up random rubbish and then has the nerve to attribute to Islam! This bizarre ruling of course, has no basis in Islam whatsoever! It is nothing but a lie coming out of his oral cavity.

This begs the question, what goes through his mind for him to be coming up with such things? Is he mentally unstable? Does he lack belief in his religion so much that he needs to lie about others? There must be some sort of a deficiency, without doubt.

Also – how small-minded and stupid can his supporters be for them to actually believe what he said? They even had the nerve to laugh. They don’t realise that Ergun is the one laughing at them; he says anything and they believe him without any question.

Overall, we can see the deceptions that people like Ergun adopt when teaching about Islam. One reason as to why they do this is to divert people away from the truth of Islam. They have no real arguments, all they can do is repeat the things that have been refuted all over again; so they resort to deceptive tactics like this to win their own people over. Funnily, Islam is yet the fastest growing religion in the west, despite the efforts of foolish individuals such as Ergun Michael “Mehmet” Caner.


If you have a genuine desire to look into Islamic marriage rights, please follow this link.

Ergun Caner vandalises Wikipedia

Posted by Mohammad Khan on August 18, 2011 at 9:15 AM

When the controversy of Ergun Caner began to die down, the events that took place were documented and added to his already existing Wikipedia page. Clearly, when a prominent individual such as Ergun has a big controversy, his public biography ought to be updated in accordance to what took place, right? [CONTINUE READING]

The story of Ergun Caner shutting down his Facebook Fan Page and hiding in September 2009

Posted by Mohammad Khan on August 16, 2011 at 7:00 AM

When I first bumped into Ergun Caner in early 2009, I found it very difficult to get my point across to his fans who thought he was such a wonderful guy having left the "evil cult" of Islam and abandoning his "extremist" Muslim father to pursue a life of happiness with his "heavenly father". As we have already learnt, his conversion story is 95% fake. Yes, he did convert, but did he convert from Islam? No.


The one realistic way to get the attention of his supporters and audience was through his Facebook fan page. Don't be mistaken by the fan page that exists today called Ergun Caner, this one is not run by him. Prior to September 2009, Ergun had his own fan page which he himself was the moderator of. The page was called "Ergun Mehmet Caner" (even though his name is actually Michael). He had thousands of fans who he would interact with regularly, usually it would be making fun of Muslims being terrorists and just being rude about Islam in general.


These inappropriate mockeries were of course, in addition to his humorous anti Islamic posts he would put up whilst his trusting supporters would praise him without even looking to see if what he was saying was true.

Myself and a handful of others would comment in the group putting genuine questions to Ergun such as


"Who is Baruch?" (The Prophet he made up)


"Why did you lie when you said your father was a Scholar?" (His father wasn?t a Scholar)


"Why do you not know the Shahadah?" (He confuses it with Bismillah)


"Why do you think Ramadan has 40 days when it doesn't?" (Surely he would know if he observed the month of Fasting)


However, rather than answering these questions, Ergun would delete them, sometimes even within seconds of them being posted! On occasion when he was slacking, they would stay up for about an hour and we would get countless comments from his supporters saying we do not know what we are talking about and we are just hating on him etc.


If you look at the example questions above, you will see that they are not rude or malicious in any way, shape or form. On September 30th, around a hundred of my group members all commented on the same day, hoping that Ergun would realise we are not going to leave until he concisely answers our questions.


Eventually he posted a comment saying "There will never be a time to answer these silly and infantile men, because they have no arguments.", he then went on to say that it does not matter what age he was when he "left Islam". It was clear to us, his page members and others looking on that he could not properly answer a single question. But we kept asking, asking, asking and asking ; whilst he kept deleting, deleting, deleting and deleting. He could not sit there deleting multiple comments appearing simultaneously so eventually he gave up. Rather than doing the thing an honest person would have done and answer the simple questions to clarify the issues raised, he shut down his group and sent out the following message:


As you can see, he tried to play the sympathy card of how he is a "struggling former Muslim" who has to put up with these kinds of "attacks". The reality of the situation is that he lied, he knows that he lied and he had no answers (still has none), not knowing what to say. So he shut down the page. He wrote in the post that he answered our questions; and yes I will give it to him that he did make the effort to post answers to the 40 days of Ramadan and the fake Prophet Baruch, but the rest of was just brushing off what was being asked. The posts he did publish regarding the Prophet Baruch and 40 days of Ramadan were laughable. Not only were they laughable, but the excuses he was giving at that time are in complete conflict with the excuses that Norman Geisler is making up for him!

It is common amongst people like Ergun to work off of the emotions of his gullible fans. It is sad that most of them actually believe he is former Muslim who is persistently going through a hard time because of his "conversion". This is of course, nonsense. That message he posted on 30th September 2009 is a clear example of how these "former Muslims" do this. I made it very clear and my supporters obliged when I told them to not be rude or mock him or his supporters in any way:

So you see - for Ergun to run away like that, shut down his group and then go on to play the "this is what former Muslims have to put up with" card, he only dug himself a greater hole.

Ergun Caner and his flock mock their own Bible

Posted by Mohammad Khan on August 15, 2011 at 2:25 PM

You may remember back in September 2010 I had released part 23 of the video series that exposed Ergun for the fraud that he is. If you would like to see the video, you can watch it here. Within this video, he went on to completely fabricate a lie against Islamic marriage rights by saying that if a Muslim woman's husband were to pass away, it becomes obligatory upon her as a widow to marry her husband’s brother (her brother in-law).

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

This has no basis in Islam whatsoever and he was literally making this up. In my opinion, he was attributing this nonsensical law to Islam in order to deter genuine truth seekers from looking into Islam.

The irony of the matter here is that while Ergun and the gullible Christian audience were laughing and joking at what he said, they failed to realise that they were laughing at their own Bible. The law that he speaks of is not Islamic at all, it is in fact, biblical. God alone knows how unintelligent Ergun and his fans really are, but to be laughing at your own book without realising is just something else.

“If brothers are living together and one of them dies without a son, his widow must not marry outside the family. Her husband’s brother shall take her and marry her and fulfill the duty of a brother-in-law to her. 6. The first son she bears shall carry on the name of the dead brother so that his name will not be blotted out from Israel.” (Deuteronymy 25:5-6)

In contrast to what has been stated above, the Quran makes it perfectly clear: "O you who believe! You are forbidden to inherit women against their will..." (Surat An-Nisa', Chapter 4:19)


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