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Ergun Caner lies AGAIN about Islamic marriage rights!

Posted by Mohammad Khan on August 22, 2011 at 2:55 PM

On February 3rd 2003, Ergun Michael “Mehmet” Caner delivered a lecture titled “20 things you must know to witness to a Muslim”. The meaning of witness in the Christian world is their equivalent of our “Dawah”, i.e. to invite people to your religion. The whole purpose of this lecture was as the title makes obvious – to educate the Christians on crucial Islamic matters before they begin to think about witnessing to us.


I used a clip from the same lecture in the previous post where he said it’s obligatory upon a Muslim widow to marry her brother in-law. We clarified that this was a deliberate lie on behalf of Ergun, nothing new; this is what he does best.

During the Q&A of the lecture, he was asked something along the lines of “what would happen if the all brother in-laws have already married the maximum number (4) permitted?” The answer that he gave is beyond a joke. He replied by saying that – if the brother in-laws are all married or do not want to marry you, then you have to marry your deceased husband’s uncle. And if the uncle’s are all married or do not want to marry you, then you must marry your deceased husbands nephews. He then went on to outline the possibilities; he stated that – there is a possibility of you being 30, married to 75 year old man and there is a possibility of you being 30, married to a 14 year old boy! You can see a summary of this in the following video:


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Who does Ergun think he is? He literally makes up random rubbish and then has the nerve to attribute to Islam! This bizarre ruling of course, has no basis in Islam whatsoever! It is nothing but a lie coming out of his oral cavity.

This begs the question, what goes through his mind for him to be coming up with such things? Is he mentally unstable? Does he lack belief in his religion so much that he needs to lie about others? There must be some sort of a deficiency, without doubt.

Also – how small-minded and stupid can his supporters be for them to actually believe what he said? They even had the nerve to laugh. They don’t realise that Ergun is the one laughing at them; he says anything and they believe him without any question.

Overall, we can see the deceptions that people like Ergun adopt when teaching about Islam. One reason as to why they do this is to divert people away from the truth of Islam. They have no real arguments, all they can do is repeat the things that have been refuted all over again; so they resort to deceptive tactics like this to win their own people over. Funnily, Islam is yet the fastest growing religion in the west, despite the efforts of foolish individuals such as Ergun Michael “Mehmet” Caner.


If you have a genuine desire to look into Islamic marriage rights, please follow this link.

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