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How to fake being Muslim

Posted by Mohammad Khan on September 16, 2011 at 4:35 PM

When browsing through the site stats of I was welcomed with something strange. Somebody had actually searched "how to fake being muslim"! The words of the search criteria directed the visitor to this site, but that's not the point. Why would somebody want to fake being a Muslim? Maybe pretend to be a Muslim on YouTube and then suddenly make an apostasy video and moan about why Islam is bad etc? I don't know. Maybe the Google search was just someone being silly? It's possible, but still worth bringing to attention.

A couple of years ago I was welcomed with a message from a YouTube user who said he was a Muslim. He greeted me with salaam and frequently used phrases such as inshallah, mashallah and bismillah, as Muslims would. He contacted me to seek help in refuting a very well-known anti-Islamic website. He said he has been debating with them in their forum about so and so topic and he needs my help in proving them wrong. He mentioned the name of the man who he said he is trying to refute (will not mention it here, but his first name rhymes with Alley and he's a bit of a sinner *wink wink*). He would send me arguments the site had against Islam and ask how he should refute them; and all this within his "brother inshallah we can do this" and other sayings that would make him appear as Muslim (like telling me to join the forum and then "leave it Allah"). I advised him that the website he was trying to refute has no genuine interest in discussing any issues and that they just want to generate hatred towards Islam and Muslims. Moreover, the allegations of that site had been refuted several times by various people. Both being persistent - him quite literally begging me to go on that site and me advising him on how best to deal with things like that, he gave up. He then revealed himself; he began to mock me, use foul language and started calling me a coward (this is a nice way of putting it). He was not a Muslim at all. He was a fake who would troll around the YouTube accounts of Muslims pretending to be a Muslim himself and tricking people to go on to anti-Islamic sites. 

Regretfully, this happened before I uploaded any of my videos and my YouTube account was just an average un-used account; thus I would delete my messages not knowing that I may need them as evidence at a later date. 

In essence, this person was pretending to be a Muslim and trick real Muslims into going onto sites that encourage apostasy. Whether he was working for that website or not is something I do not know, but I wouldn't rule it out.

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