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Message sent to organisers of forthcoming apologetics to Islam teaching seminar

Posted by Mohammad Khan on September 18, 2011 at 5:30 AM

When Ergun got exposed for the fraud that he is, the ideal thing the Christians who supported him should have done is to not acquire him as a speaker. By doing this, they would have put the message across to him, his people and all those overlooking the scandal that they will not tolerate lying. In contrast to this, many people still call him in to speak at their Churches and seminars! I’m guessing that during the time of his exposure, he worried that he could no longer continue doing what he does because everybody would turn on him, but no, the exact opposite is happening so he probably thinks his fans are more stupid than he originally thought. And before anyone comments about using the word stupid, it is more than appropriate in this case.

From 10th to 15th October 2011, a teaching seminar has been organised by the Veritas Evangelical Seminary, which will take place at the Calvary Chapel Old Bridge teaching site. You enlarge the pictures by clicking them: 

Ergun will be the teacher for this Apologetics to Islam seminar! In case you're wondering why the image above still has the "sign up" button, this is because I was blocked from accessing the event page. Apparently they don't like me posting links that prove their money making speaker is a fraud. Is the cost of the seminar shocking?:

It seems as though that the more you pay, the bigger credit you will attain?

The fact that they are acquiring Ergun to teach, even more so teaching Islam, proves that the Veritas Evangelical Seminary condones lying in spreading their religion. This kind of reminds of those people that planned to wear black in support of Ergun!

I sent a thank you message to the Seminary and Church, it’s not very well worded, it was written in a rush, but I hope it still makes sense.


Apologetics to Islam or for Islam?

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Mohammad Khan






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To whom it may concern,

I am a Muslim wishing to thank you for arranging the Apologetics to Islam w/ Dr. Ergun Caner seminar scheduled between 10th Oct and 15th Oct 2011. The reason why I thank you is because you have hired Ergun Caner as the speaker; this man is not only a known liar to Muslims, but also to Christians. For you to be acquiring his services, you are enhancing the spread of Islam, so for this I would like to thank you also. You may be wondering, why is this the case? Here’s why – Ergun Caner has a foul mouth and teaches nothing but falsehood about our faith; quite literally, makes things up that are not Islamic at all and then has the nerve to attribute them to Islam. To people like you and your gullible followers who believe such men, you think you have attained great knowledge from a man who is an “expert” on Islam. But does arming people with lies work in the favour of Christian evangelism or the spread of Islam? The people who go to see him will be under the impression that they are ready to confront us Muslims and, when they do, we will gracefully correct them and present to them the truth and explain why people like Ergun purposely lie to them. So in essence, the more people Ergun teaches and encourages to confront us Muslims with his lies, the more opportunities you are making for us Muslims to correct them and give our dawah (invitation). And who knows? They may even embrace Islam - countless new Muslims were brought into Islam through the curiosity generated from such events. Think logically for a second – Ergun knows he is lying and knows he is arming people with lies, do you honestly think he is interested in spreading the Gospel?

If you have time, please watch this example of his lies and browse through the rest. If you are more of a reader, then just go to and read this ;

I hope you enjoy your seminar, I know I would.

Anyway, thank you so much, once again. Keep up the good work; you are helping the spread of Islam.


Mohammad Khan

"They desire to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, though they hate it."


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