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The Real Biography of Ergun Caner (29th March 2010)
The following is the real biography of Ergun Mehmet Caner based on authentic public records.
Marriage of Acar and Monica
On April 1st 1966 Acar Mehmet Caner (Ergun's Turkish father) and Monica Inez Caner (Ergun's Swedish Mother) were married in Stockholm, Sweden (here). This is also mentioned in the preface of "Unveiling Islam" (page 17) where it explains how Acar Mehmet Caner attended the university in Stockholm.
Ergun's Birth & Name on Legal Documents

On November 4th 1966 Ergun Michael (not Mehmet) Caner was born in Stockholm, Sweden. On this particular legal document, his concealed weapons permit, his middle name is actually Michael. It is quite clear that Ergun chooses to use the name Mehmet when talking to his gullible audiences about Islam in order to draw them a misleading picture of his upbringing. Particularly in his books such as Unveiling Islam, More than a Prophet and Voices Behind the Veil.

You may remember in Ergun Caner's July 2009 Q&A, he made the following statement:



Most former Muslims live in fear for their lives because of threats (see the first question above). Thus, those who would ever dare speak or write publicly usually take pseudonyms. Emir and I chose not to use fake names. We are proud of who we are as former Muslims and now Christians. Every book we have written has been under our real names.


We read on the above Q&A Ergun Caner says that he and his brother Emir chose not to use fake names, and that every book they have written has been under their "real" names. So why is it that his official documents have his name as Ergun Michael Caner and not Ergun Mehmet Caner?

If you have seen a lot of Ergun Caner's testimonies, you will also find Ergun Caner intentionally or unintentionally saying that his middle name is in fact "Miguel", but judging from his Concealed Weapons Permit he must have been referring to the name "Michael" but with a bit of an "accent".

Moved to America

As demonstrated in my video here, Ergun, along with his family, moved to America before his 4th birthday. Ergun's brother Emir was born on 25th August 1970. This proves that he lies when he states that he moved to America from Turkey as a devout Muslim teenager. 

Parent's Buy a Home

Acar and Monica purchase a property on 19th July 1974 (here).

So Ergun's parents purchase a home in America in 1974, and somehow Ergun Caner keeps saying that they moved to America in 1978? Even the official website of Liberty University have incorrectly stated that Ergun moved to America with his family in 1979! We can understand that Ergun has also lied to his own employers.

Mother buys Home
Monica purchases a property on 20th September 1977 (here).
The Divorce
We read on page 17 of Unveiling Islam that the marriage of Acar and Monica was "doomed from the beginning" due to the clash of cultures. However, they filed for an official divorce in July 1975, at which point Ergun was 7 years and 8 months old. As a result, the custody of Ergun, Emir and Erdem was granted to their non-Muslim mother.(here).
Separation Agreement

As part of the separation agreement commencing from April 14th 1978, the boys were allowed to be with their father on the two Eids and on the night day of Mi'raaj. This agreement also disallows travel outside the Continental borders of America. This condition carried on all the way until the Caner brothers were considered minors. (here).

The rather peculiar thing about this is that Ergun Caner consistently emphasises how he and his father were "Wahaabis" (a misnomer and often an offensive term used to describe those Muslims that adhere to the methodology of the pious predecessors), and yet the document suggests that his father wanted to celebrate this day of Mi'raaj with them. The reason as to why this is peculiar is because those of us who adhere to the methdology of the pious predecessors understand that there is no sound basis of celebrating the nights of Isra or Mi'raaj, and thus we consider it an innovation in the religion and refuse to take part or be amongst those who are celebrating it. So was Ergun's father really a "Wahaabi"? Evidently not.

The Fight Against the Agreement

Monica (Ergun's mother who was a non-Muslim) effectively fought against the provision above by making an appeal to the court on June 8th 1978. As a result, the court overturned the former condition of April 14th 1978, by allowing religious teachings through each parent according to the desires of each parent whilst in their custody.(here)

The fight by Ergun's mother against the previous agreement clearly demonstrates that Ergun's parents had conflicting religious beliefs, why would Ergun's "Muslim" mother (as he says she was) be appealing against an Islamic upbringing if she herself was a Muslim? It is now even clearer than before that Monica was not a Muslim, so when Ergun says his mother dressed in full Hijab and that she removed her headscarf in the Church to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour, he was lying. Surely if there was a consensus of religious beliefs amongst the family, an appeal would not have been made.

Part Time Dad

As suspected previously, Ergun Caner only saw his father on a part time basis.

Ergun's father, Acar, was granted five weeks every year and every odd weekend to spend time with his children. The rest of the time, Ergun and his brothers were in the care of their non-Muslim mother, Monica (here). This continued until February 6th 1979 (here).

So let's do a little calculation:


One year = 365 days

5 weeks = 35 days

26 weekends = 52 days

365 - (35+52) = Caner Brothers Time With Non-Muslim Swedish Mother


76% of their time was spent with Monica, their non-Muslim mother who quite evidently had an influence on their religious beliefs and clearly explains why Ergun is not at all familiar with a Muslims beliefs and practises (he didn't believe them!)

In other words,

Ergun and his brothers spent 278 days a year with their NON-MUSLIM mother and were raised in a non-Muslim environment, whilst they only spent 87 days a year with their Turkish father.

War of Religious Upbringing

Monica's fight with Acar regarding religious upbringing continued. On 6th February 1979, one of the judges in The Franklin County Court of Appeals ordered that Monica be given the right to establish the religion of the Caner's, but the previous decision was not revoked. (here)

With Ergun and his brothers all being minors barely in their teens, or in Emir's case merely being age 4 to 9 during all this mayhem, it is understandable that they were not able to make a rational decision between adhering to the faith of their part time father or the faith of their mother. The Caner brothers were all caught in the midst of a tug of war between their parents and thus, their conversion to Christianity was not from Islam at all, rather, it was a conversion from no religion to Christianity.


I truly wish that Liberty University read this and understand the extent of the lies upon which Ergun's position is based.

Dear reader,  The basis of Ergun's "authenticity" with regards to his analysis of the Islamic faith is his Islamic upbringing, but since we have learned that he did not actually have a devout Muslim youth as he says he did -  what does this say about the authenticity of Ergun Caner's words with regards to the Islamic faith? Please do not listen to these hate preachers, all they want you to do is hate Muslims for no reason - use the mind that God has given you and look into the faith of Islam for yourself, don't rely on these lying, cheating and deceitful preachers who merely want to brainwash you with lies about us.

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