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Issue - Injeel means Angel?

In Islam, we believe in the pristine, unaltered revelations of Allah to the Prophets. Namely the following:

The Taurat (Torah) to Musa,

The Zaboor (Psalms) to Dawud,

The Injeel (Gospel) to Isa,

The Qur’an to Muhammad (peace be upon them).

Every single devout Muslim knows about revelations from Allah to the Prophets.

In addition to this, in Islam there are six articles of faith. One of these articles of faith is to believe in the Angels. In Arabic, the word for Angels is Malaika.

To disbelieve in the Angels of Allah takes one outside of the fold of Islam, and what I mean by that is – every Muslim on earth knows and believes in the Angels.

It may be confusing as to why I went from talking about the revelations of Allah to talking about the belief in Angels. The reason for this will become apparent in the next few paragraphs.

the proof

The following is a clip of Ergun talking about the Angels which write down the deeds of an individual. After reading my first section, the error is easy to notice, even for a non-Muslim:

what's the problem?

You would have noticed that Ergun referred to the word Angel as Injeel. But having read my first two paragraphs, one can understand that that Injeel means Gospel.

So what does Injeel have to do with Angel? The answer is – nothing. Ergun the supposed ex devout Muslim has once again mesmerized his audience by uttering fancy Islamic terms (which he probably attempted to memorise the night before) into thinking he is a person of great knowledge, when in reality he just made a serious error.

Injeel means Gospel NOT Angel

What would a Christian think of a man claiming to be an ex Christian for 18 years but then referred to the Gospel of Jesus (peace be upon him) as an Angel? Most assuredly this individual would be labelled as a fraud.

This error is one of most extraordinary due to the reason that the word Angel has absolutely nothing to do with the word Injeel.

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