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Ergun Caner, Mosques and Women's Toes

A man in Ergun Caner's position ought to limit himself to only say and do that which is true, thus manifesting the expected attributes of somebody who is God-conscious and honest. Unfortunately, it has become well known that Ergun Caner's character opposes what is expected of a religious figure. This is apparent in the countless fabrications he disregarded as “discrepancies”, as well as his attempts to shut down YouTube channels and sue individuals for exposing him for who he really is.


Here we have a snippet of Ergun educating the Christian audience on Islamic beliefs with regards to some aspects of women and marriage – this clip is from a lecture he delivered on 1st June 2007 entitled - “Reaching Muslims” (this has disappeared from the internet).

Let us examine the statements made in the clip above:

1. “Because a woman's totally covered, how do you tell somebody you're single? And since the only thing that's open is her hands, her face and her feet, they put a toe ring on”.


This statement is lacking sense and is in fact something totally alien to Islamic or Turkish culture. Consider this – he is saying that because a Muslim woman's body is totally covered except her HANDS, FACE and FEET, that they put toe rings on to show people that they are single. Despite this statement having no place in Islamic or Turkish culture, do you not think it is even a little silly that the woman would decide to wear a toe ring as opposed to leaving her hands ring-free since they are uncovered anyway?


What exactly is he implying when he says, “how do you tell somebody you're single? … The only thing that's open is her hands, her face and her feet”? Does a woman need to show her personal assets to inform the world that she is single? It is disrespectful to women that they are expected to expose their body parts to express their relationship status. The way he is speaking here is not how a man of God should be speaking; it is setting an immodest expectation to an audience consisting of young men and women. Contrary to the statement of Ergun, a woman does not need to be showing off her assets to show that she is single.

2. “Muslims only believe what they're told in the mosque. For instance, my father died in 1999 believing that we never went to the first Gulf War and we never went to the moon because his Imam told him so”.


We can only assume that this is an attempt to convince the audience that Muslims are segregated members of society who rely purely on the mosque to provide them with information about the world, even if the information is nonsensical and unreasonable. In fact, this statement is a very serious accusation and is implying that Muslims are not learned people, blindly following Imams in both religious and worldly matters. This most certainly is not the case and in no way represents how Muslims are or should be. If his father did believe the happenings of the first Gulf War and the moon landing did not take place, I highly doubt it is because his Imam told him so. Besides, Ergun on occasion has claimed his father to be the Imam, what happens now and who told his father what to believe?

3. “My father said “before you marry a woman, before you marry an American, before you marry a Christian” - and that's our job, because when you marry a Christian, she signs Nikaah, she is converted whether she ever comes to the mosque or not, because she's now your property”

To elaborate on this point, we must first understand two things:

OneErgun consistently reiterates the claim that Muslims hate all non-Muslims, specifically Christians and Jews. He claims that true Islam teaches Muslims to kill Christians and Jews wherever they may be found in order for Islam to dominate the world. Yes, I know – the typical Islamaphobic claim that has been refuted on numerous occasions.

Two - Ergun has claimed that his father was a Muslim Scholar, an Imam, a Mu’adhin (the one who calls the Adhaan) and a community leader for the Muslims who boasted exemplar Muslim character and knowledge.

Moving back to the statements from the video above - these statements are yet more examples of Ergun Caner lying in order to discredit and deliberately misrepresent Islam and Muslims to the susceptible audience. If one were to believe Ergun’s claim of his father being a super devout Muslim, then why would his father advise him and his siblings to marry an American Christian, i.e. a non-Muslim? Surely the advice would be to avoid marrying them to preserve the religion of any subsequent children.

The claim that the job of a Muslim immigrant is to marry American Christian women is totally baseless and false. Even though it is permitted for a Muslim man to marry a chaste Christian or Jew, to say that Christian women who marry Muslim men are automatically converted to Islam is simply not true. Ergun of all people should know this when his own mother proclaimed the Shahadah in order to marry his father who we have come to learn wasn’t actually as devout as Ergun claims. To rub salt in the wound, he then presents his untruthful statement of automatic conversion by marriage as a Muslim proselytising technique. Seriously, how much does he need to lie?

Ergun is now in a little dilemma – he told the world in his infamous testimony that he migrated to America with the intention of carrying out acts of terrorism, similar to that of September 11th, as per the stereotype of Muslims wanting to kill anything and everything that isn’t Muslim, but on this occasion Muslims are migrating to marry and procreate with the very people they supposedly want dead. Maybe one day he can elaborate on this.

4. ““Check her toes”. Toes, because if a woman’s second toe is longer than her big toe, Muhammad believed that she would be a bossy, nagging woman"

There is no narration of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) stating this. This is a total fabrication and has no place in the Islamic religion whatsoever. The criterion for finding a righteous wife is clearly outlined in the teachings of Islam and most certainly do not include the checking of a woman’s toes. This is simply a lame attempt on behalf of Ergun to defame Islam.

The irony of this snippet is that it has been taken from a lecture that was delivered to explain how Christians should be reaching out to Muslims. 

One must consider that if the lecture is consisting of such misinformation, how exactly is this equipping them with what they need to reach out to Muslims and save them from eternal damnation? Assuredly, any Muslim presented with what’s been mentioned here will laugh it off in jest believing the Christian is having a laugh. 

It is a shame to think that his audience absorb these lies and leave the lecture theatre thinking Muslims are the weirdest and most irrational people on this planet. We can only assume that this is Ergun’s intention – to divert his own people away from Islam.

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