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An explanation of the Sufi/Wahhaabi issue and the reality of Ergun Caner's Mother
September 15th 2011

I recently uploaded part 26 of Ergun Caner’s exposure. Within this part, I used two audio snippets - first being from the “Reaching Muslims” lecture he delivered on Friday 1st June 2007 and the second being from a radio interview conducted by Richard Land of ‘For Faith And Family Radio’ in 2008. In the former clip of 2007, we hear him telling his audience that his mother was Sufi. However, the latter of 2008, less than a year later, he is telling people that his mother was “Wahhabi”. This is clearly a contradiction and yet again, a demonstration of Ergun’s unrelenting dishonesty. It is not possible that his mother was both Sufi and Wahaabi.

Mother was a Sufi (2007):

Mother was a Wahaabi (2008):

We must understand that according to Ergun and Emir Caner, the “Wahhabis” are those people that adopt the doctrine of suicide bombing. I do not plan to go into too much detail on who or what the “Wahhabis” are, not in this blog post anyway. All I can say is that they are playing off the media propagation of “Wahhabis” being terrorists; so for Ergun to say that his mother was one of these people, is he not implying that he was raised by a radical Muslim woman, which in turn, would mean that he was the same? We know this is to be totally untrue.

In fact, his brother Emir Caner, explained on February 28th 2010 that his mother married their father and then took the Shahaadah. Later on, after a clash of cultures and domestic issues, they divorced and she got involved in the hippy movement. It is apparent that their marriage and relationship was not really Islamic; she just took the Shahadah in order to fulfil the requirements for her to marry a Muslim man who she met back in Sweden. An important point to note regarding the words of Emir is that he reiterates the fact that their mother was a universalist when he informed her of his conversion (supposedly 1982). This further hinders the testimony of Ergun because he persistently claimed that his mother CONVERTED FROM ISLAM IN 1991 and took off her Hijab, Niqab and divorced their father (as a result of her conversion).

To further demonstrate how UN-ISLAMIC their marriage was, allow me to take you through a little Mathematics and Biology:

Standard pregnancy = 9 months

Ergun Caner’s DOB = November 3rd 1966

Marriage of Ergun’s Father and Mother = 1st April 1966

In simple terms, Ergun Caner was born only 7 months after his parents got married. No comment....

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