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Issue - Reconstruction Deception

The organisation Muslim Journey to Hope has recorded many testimonies, two of which are the testimonies of Ergun and Emir Caner.

For these recordings, the organisation have hired actors to re-enact the events of particular conversion stories in order to give the audience a good feel of what actually happened. Most of the time, reconstructions are a good means of making something true almost tangible, like that in crime shows, but many times, particularly in the case of Emir Caner’s testimony, it is clear to see that the reconstruction has been exaggerated in order to fool the audience.

the proof

You can clearly see from the clip above, that the reconstruction is depicting Emir Caner as a mature adult in his early 20’s who is genuinely considering the theological differences between Islam and Christianity. They show him as a confused individual who actually sat there and studied the Bible and the Qur’an and then came to an intellectual conclusion which resulted in his conversion from Islam to Christianity.

what's the problem?

Emir Caner was born August 4th 1970 which means that he had only been 12 for 3 months when he supposedly converted!

Although they do not openly profess this, Emir Caner was an immature 12 year old when he "converted", not a mature adult in his mid 20’s as the testimony seems to be presenting.

However, my blame is not upon the makers of the testimony, my blame is upon Emir. This is due the reason that he most probably did not inform them of his age during his supposed conversion. Surely if Emir was an honest individual, he would have returned back to the makers of the testimony and said to them that the testimony is exaggerated and needs to be changed in order for it to represent the “actual events that took place”. But no, just like his brother, Emir is dishonest.

Would you find the testimony realistic if the actor was an immature 12 year old bouncing around (as children do) and contemplating the theological ideas from the Qur’an and the Bible? Clearly not.

This testimony is nothing but a deception made in order to fool the audience, who in this case are (some) Christians.

muslim journey to hope - just like the movies

Why do all of these testimonies of Muslims becoming Christians consist of so much dramatisation with music, special effects etc?

Just like in Hollywood movies, these effects are used to mesmerize the audience in order to keep them glued to the screen and allegorically become part of the drama in order to make it seem real.

Similarly, in horror or thriller movies, the music and shadowing effects is what makes an individual scared to go into dark places on his/her own, because for that moment in time, they were lead to believe that it was all true, and this has a temporary, or sometimes even permanent effect on the individual.

And likewise, we find these testimonies with Disney-like music of salvation and special light effects and the depiction of Jesus appearing to these individuals. How do you make the physical appearance of Jesus seem real to an audience? You draw them a picture and play some fancy music in the background.

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