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Emir Caner accuses Ergun Caner of Lying about their Migration
22nd October 2011

For those who are aware, Ergun Caner’s claim to have moved to America from Turkey in 1978 / 79 was proven to be false. He did not move to America in 1978 and neither did he move to America from Turkey. He moved to America from Sweden in the late 1960’s whilst he was a mere tot. Until this very day, Ergun has not admitted that he lied about his date of arrival. He claims that he has never intentionally misled anyone. Therefore, according to him, what he says in the following video is 100% true:

I had previously written a full article regarding Ergun’s claim to have moved to America from Turkey in 1978.

On 25th September 2011, Emir Caner delivered a sermon at Cresset Baptist Church in Durham, North Carolina. This is what he said in the very beginning of his sermon:

As you just heard, Emir Caner clearly stated that he and his family moved to America in 1969. This is in clear contradiction with Ergun’s claim. Indirectly, this means that Emir is accusing his own brother of lying about their migration.

If you are a fan/supporter of Ergun Caner and this single point alone is not sufficient to prove that he is a liar then you should click here.

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