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Issue - Considered for a few years?

Hopefully you would have already read the previous page of the reconstruction deception prior to reading this.

We already understand that Emir Caner was born on August 25th 1970 and then claimed to have converted in 1982. This means that he was 12 years old during his "conversion". We also understand that Emir has not made his age apparent in his testimonies. This section is regarding a small statement made by Emir Caner in the same testimony in which he claimed to have converted in 1982.

the proof

You can see from the clip above that Emir makes the statement “I had already considered those things for a few years”.

what's the problem?

We have acknowledged Emir’s age at the time of his supposed conversion which alone was a shock.

When one says “a few years”, we usually mean “not many but more than two”, whereas if we wanted to say two years, we would say “a couple of years”.

So according to Emir Caner, he converted at the age of 12 and was considering these complex theological ideas using the Bible and the Qur’an at the mere age of 9 or less!

If this is true, then I must say that Emir Caner is the most intelligent human I have ever known. A mere 9 year old with the ability to think, analyse, consider and conclude upon such complex ideas is amazing, but not believable, particularly when they have already been proven to speak dishonestly.

Emir clearly did not realise what he was saying when he made such a ridiculous statement. I can assure you that if a Christian became a Muslim at the age of 12, he/she would immediately be accused of “not really knowing his former faith” prior to the conversion, thus they would be “fake ex Christians”.

But Emir took it three steps further (not one step) by claiming that he had already been considering Christianity a few years prior to the age of 12!

Yet again, this is clearly another pointer to the dishonesty of Ergun and Emir Caner.

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