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Issue - Gibberish (1)

We know that Ergun Caner claims to have grown up speaking Turkish, whilst on other occasions he claims to have grown up speaking Arabic. If you listen to Ergun’s testimony – we come to know that supposedly on the 4th November 1982 (one day after his 16th birthday) after he “got saved” he told his father about his supposed conversion. This issue will illustrate Ergun Caner explaining exactly what was said on that night. Let’s try and figure out what language it is . . . .


You can see from the clip above that Ergun Caner speaks the words that he supposedly said to his father on the night he converted to Christianity.

You can also hear him say "Isa ibn Allah, I believe in Jesus".

what's the problem?

At first I laughed and was a little suspicious that he just made up a load of gibberish because I could not pick out anything from what he said.

What made me even more suspicious was the “I just fooled you and you didn’t even notice” cheeky smile after he said it.

So I sent the clip above to an individual who translates English to Arabic and vice versahe laughed at the clip.

We then checked it up with a Turkish speaking individual he also laughed.

They were not laughing at his “accent” or “pronunciation” as some of his fans would argue.

They were laughing because Ergun literally made up a load of nothingness and tried to pass it off as “his mother tongue”.

He was not speaking any particular language, rather he spoke gibberish in the presence of his gullible fans in order to intentionally mislead them into thinking he has the ability to speak these foreign languages, when he doesn’t.

He is fully aware that he is able to get away with this kind of deceptive tactic in the presence of his fans that are not familiar with either Arabic or Turkish.

But did he not think that one day suspicious Muslims would catch him out?

This is not the first time he has pulled his stunt, he also played the same trick when telling his audience that “DO NOT TEACH THE WOMEN TO READ OR WRITE” is written on the wall of a Mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan.

If Ergun really grew up speaking Turkish during his formative years, and if Arabic really was his language before he learnt English as he says then why does he have to fool you all by making up gibberish?

Simple answer – because he is not who he says he is.

Isa ibn Allah = I believe in Jesus?

You heard Ergun Caner state in the evidence above - "papa, isa ibn allah, i believe in jesus".

This is an error because Isa ibn Allah means "Jesus son of God" - it does not mean "I believe in Jesus".

Quite a  basic error from somebody who claims that Arabic was his language before English! Wouldn't you say? It clearly wasn't.

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