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Issue - Gibberish (4)  - Speech of a Martyr

Surprisingly, this is the fourth post regarding the Gibberish that Ergun has uttered. As stated previously,he has instigated a preconception within his audience that he has the ability to speak foreign tongues. The followig issue will show Ergun conning people into thinking that his claim is true.


The following is an audio clip of Ergun saying what is supposedly said by a Muslim martyr:

what's the problem?

Yet again, Ergun has conned his audience into thinking he can speak another language. This one in particular is very serious because the sentence is so long. In the clip above, he uttered a load of nonsensical gabble to deceive the masses. Do you find this one funny? He is making a mockery of your intelligence and you don't even care?

Do you think that his mockery and FAKE language skills counts as a good witness to Muslims? Surely he is harming the spread of the Christian faith.

On the other hand, we must give Ergun some credit; he managed to use the word "Allah" and "Shukur". The word "Allah" being God, and the word "Shukur" being Thanks.

An obvious point to note, how on earth did he translate such a long sentence into such a small one?

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