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Issue -  Salah or Rakahs?

As you all know, Muslims pray five times a day, this is called “Salah” which is the second pillar of Islam. Each prayer within the day consists of a specific number of units, a single unit within a prayer is called a "Rakah".

For example – Dawn Salah consists of two rakahs whilst Sundown Salah consists of three., thus you will find that we usually tell our companion “I am going for Salah” or “I am going to peform Salah now” but we Muslims never refer to our Salah as our Rakahs.

It does not make sense to say “I am going to perform my units (Rakahs)”, all Muslims understand this concept and call their prayers as Salah, or in the case of many Asians and Turks (what Ergun claims he is) they would call it Namaaz.

For some extraordinary reason Ergun the supposed ex devout Muslim who  even used to take his prayer rug to high school so he wouldn’t miss any prayer until the age of 18 calls it the “Rakahs”.

the proof

You can see from the clip below that Ergun Caner calls refers to the Salah as the Rakahs:

You can see from the scan below that on page 125 of his book Unveiling Islam, he says the same thing:

what's the problem?

Ergun claims that he performed his Salah devoutly but does not even know what to call it. His intention is clearly to mesmerize his gullible audience/fans with fancy words, however, he was unaware that he was once again digging himself a hole just waiting for a real Muslim such as myself to pick up on these blatant errors which no real ex Muslim would make.

He has also included this blatant error in his glossary of islamic terms published on his website:

which goes to show that his use of the word Rakah was not just a one-off slip-up, it is what he genuinely thinks we call our five daily prayers. So to those you who think that Ergun speaks nothing but truth, please ask yourself this question – why does this man claim that he prayed five times a day until the age of 18 and yet not know what we Muslims call our five daily prayers?

I will leave you to answer that one.

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