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Hypocritical and Offensive Tweets from Ergun Caner
21st January 2013

For a man who is presented as an expert at presenting Christianity to Muslims, Ergun most certainly does not demonstrate his “desire to save Muslims”. He is in fact, going against the explicit advice given in his own book.

In Unveiling Islam, page 223, he writes:

"We've all heard of these tales wherein a Christian, motivated to share the gospel with a certain people group or culture, negates his or her witness by somehow OFFENDING the culture, heritages of practices of that group. Although the person is well-intentioned, he or she ruins the opportunity by some oversight or misstatement and must begin again BY APOLOGIZING AND REBUILDING TRUST”

So here we have him calling Muslims WIFE-BEATERS, BUS-BOMBERS, TOWEL HEADS, animal-like CAVE MEN whilst also calling Muhammad(peace be upon him) a liar and Allah, a demon. These insults are not surprising, since he is commonly known to refer to Muslims as “sand monkeys” and “sand niggers”.

This concept of insulting Muslims has even been utilised by Emir Caner, so this is not new to them. I however, want to draw emphasis to their hypocrisy. Whilst they advise people to not offend cultures, heritages and practices of Muslims, Ergun is engaging in those very acts. Will he apologise and rebuild that trust and do as his own book says? Probably not.

This also begs the question – why is there a noticeable difference between the book and the supposed authors in person? I am not 100% certain the Caner’s have even written the book if you ask me.

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