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Issue - Dad = Imam?

This issue was mentioned in a previous post but has not been documented until now. We read on Ergun Caner's statement published on 25th February 2010 "I have never intentionally misled anyone".

This triggered a large variety of occasions in my mind of when Ergun Caner has indeed deliberately misled people, particularly using images of himself from "back in his Muslim days", the following issue is a clear example of this.


The picture I am referring to in particular is the following:

You can see from the caption, Ergun states that the person in the picture is the Imam of the Mosque and that he himself is the boy on the left.

In other pictures on his public Facebook account (which is no longer available since he closed it), he uploaded pictures of his father. It is important to mention that Ergun Caner is around the same age in these pictures as he is in the previous one shown above. You can see his father in the pictures below:

click to enlarge

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what's the problem?

The problem requires some explaining.

Between 2004 and 2006, Ergun Caner had a section on his personal website titled "Muslim Pictures". Within this section he had 3 pictures of himself "back in his Muslim days". Here is a screen shot of an archived page of his "Muslim Pictures":

Did you notice anything peculiar about the title given to a particular image on the web page?

In case you have not noticed - the caption on the picture in question states "Dr. Caner in the Mosque with his father".

But how can this be?

That person in the picture is NOT their father!

So why did his website previously suggest that he was?

I will tell you why - because he has a very bad habit of lying.

We find that the title he gives to his father in his testimonies differ from time to time. On occasions he would refer to his father merely as a Mu'athin (one who gives the call to prayer), sometimes he would refer to his father as an Islamic Leader, whilst sometimes he would even refer to his father as an Islamic Scholar!

So he placed that caption on the image in order to intentionally mislead people into thinking that the "religious" man in the picture was his father - the only problem being - he wasn't!

how can we be sure?

So how can we be sure that the man in the picture is not his father as he claimed a few years ago?

Firstly, look at the picture in the "proof" section and compare his father with the Imam.

Secondly, look at the following picture:




  click to enlarge

You can see from the picture that the Imam (who Ergun first claimed was his father) is standing in the middle, whilst Ergun's real father is in the same picture standing next to the Imam!




So what does this issue say about Ergun's statement of "I have never intentionally misled anyone" ?

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