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Issue - Insha-Allah or Al-Hamdolilah
the proof

You heard Ergun saying 2 things in the audio clips above:

“if you fall down and break your arm, stand up and say inshallah"

"if you break your leg, that was Allah's will. So you're supposed to say inshallah a hundred times a day, and I literally did"

what's the problem?

This particular error is rather humorous. Ergun Caner says he was a devout Muslim but he does not know the concepts of Insha-Allah and Al-Hamdolilah. If Ergun were a real ex Muslim, he would say that whenever he fell over, he yet praised Allah by saying Al-Hamdolilah.

For him to say “stand up and say Insha-Allah” is unbelievably stupid, because Insha-Allah is phrase used for when you plan to do something, it is not a phrase used with reference to something that has already happened. For example – you can’t say “Insha-Allah I ate food yesterday”. It does not make sense even the slightest.

In addition to this, we just heard Ergun say that he would say Insha-Allah 100 times a day. This, once again is wrong. It is not Insha-Allah that is to be said, it is Al-Hamdolilah.

And yet you hear Ergun say that he "literally did" (say Insha-Allah a hundred times a day), so this is obviously a lie based upon inaccurate information.

Ergun can easily get away with these major errors in the presence of non-Muslims, but what if he were to make these mistakes in the presence of some Muslims? He would immediately be identified as a fraud in front of his own people.

This is why we find Ergun freely admitting that he is able to speak to Christians about Islam, able to speak to Muslims about Christianity but he is not able to do both at the same time. I.e. he is afraid to speak to Muslims about Islam because he knows he will not be able to get away with his errors.

So Ergun Caner does not comprehend these phrases which all Muslims on earth are familiar with, does this not show that Ergun is yet again being untruthful?

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