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Issue - Stockholm "and"/or Istanbul?
Can a man be born in two different places at the same time? Of course not.
the proof


You can see in the first clip above that Ergun clearly tells John Ankerberg that he was born in Sweden and then moved to America.

Whilst in the second clip you can see that he tells everybody that he was born in Istanbul.

what's the problem?

Ergun has lied. When Ergun Caner travels across America to give speeches, he has a very bad habit of exaggerating his life story to the point where he literally lies about himself in order to sound genuine.

This is because he hopes that the new audience has not heard his story before, so Ergun grasps the opportunity to lie and make himself seem like something that he isn’t. A person cannot be born in Istanbul and Stockholm at the same time.

Istanbul is in Turkey whilst Stockholm is in Sweden!

Why does Ergun feel the need to lie?

Ergun intends to fool his audience into thinking that he was a proper devout Muslim from a Muslim country, a devout ex Muslim from Sweden does not sound as genuine as a devout ex Muslim from Turkey.

Does this single piece of evidence alone not prove Ergun to be dishonest?

What would Christians think if a prominent ex-Christian came on TV and told people he was born in America and then later said he was born in Turkey?

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