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Issue - The Mahdi

In Islam we believe in the arrival of a reformer before the end of time. According to some of the Shia, the Mahdi is the twelfth Imam who they say entered the tunnel of Samarra’ in the middle of the third century after hijra and he is still alive therein, and they are waiting for him to come out before the end of time, however, we Muslims of the Sunnah DO NOT believe in this "hidden imam" concept.

Thus you can distinguish the difference between the beliefs of the Muslims of the Sunnah (Sunni) and the Shia with regards to the arrival of the Mahdi.

However, Ergun Caner who claims to be an ex devout Sunni Muslim until the age 18 has made yet another mistake which again draws his authenticity into question.

the proof

You can see that Ergun is teaching his audience that the Sunni and Shia believe that the Mahdi went into hiding and that he will return.

what's the problem?

Ergun’s claim of being an ex devout Sunni Muslim can be proven to be a complete lie with this single piece of evidence alone. What Ergun is being shown to have said to his gullible audience above clearly demonstrates Ergun’s lack of knowledge of a Muslim’s beliefs.

This is an extremely important issue because Ergun claims to an ex devout Sunni Muslim, thus he should know what he as a Sunni Muslim did and didn’t believe, but he was unable to demonstrate this, and instead proved himself to be inauthentic with this grave error. Sunni Muslims DO NOT believe in the Mahdi as a hidden imam, whereas some Shia do.

Result = Ergun couldn't have been a devout Sunni Muslim.

This is the equivalent of an ex Protestant Christian giving a testimony about his former faith but then goes on to say that Protestants believe in the Apocryphal books. What would you think of an individual that makes this mistake?

Surely you would immediately say “he wasn’t really a Christian and doesn't know what he is talking about!”

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