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Ergun Michael Caner The Speedster 2 (25th May 2010)

As you already know from the previous post, Ergun Michael (not Mehmet) Caner drives a little too fast which results in his name being published on the Virginia Courts Information System.

The pressure is obviously getting to Ergun, because he has yet again, been caught speeding, doing 72mph on a 55mph road. I personally do not comprehend how one person can be capable of so many speeding offences, maybe he thinks he is above the law and can drive however he likes.

Here is the proof:

You can see that the offence was committed on the 20th of May 2010, that's only 5 days ago. The case  was only filed today as you can see the file date is 25th of May. You can also see that the hearing date for this case is 26th June 2010. 

In fact, the offence is so recent that the "state" of the case is still "pending" which is why there are many blank spaces on the record sheet.


Well there you have it, Ergun Michael CANer CAN'Ter slow down.

I would love to hear what he has to say regarding his statement of him and his brother writing under their real names.

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