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Issue - Statement Removal

After all the questioning and problems surrounding the issues of Ergun Caner in recent times, Ergun Caner wrote a statement in an attempt to justify the errors and lies he has spoken. I wrote a response to this statement here.

what's the problem?

On 11th March 2010 I wanted to refer back to Ergun’s statement – so I went on his website to access it.

However, I noticed that the 25th February statement did not show up on the homepage as it usually did. I suspected Ergun Caner had deleted the statement from his website – so I searched the statement in Google as you can see below:

click to enlarge

You will noticed that at 11am on 11th March 2010 – it still appeared in the Google results.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

But when I clicked on it – this is what happened:

  click to enlarge

It takes a little while for Google to refresh its index, so I just I managed to catch it just as Ergun had deleted the statement. Also look at how it is not even available in the "recent updates" section of his website.

So why did Ergun delete this statement from his website?

Did he realise that he intentionally misled people, even within statement itself?

Did he read my response and decide his statement was not good enough?

Did he realise that everything he has said on the pulpit contradicts what he has said on his statement?

What does he have to hide?

Allah knows best.

But it’s quite obvious that Ergun changed his mind about publishing a statement and has decided he is not happy with what he had said. Nonetheless, you can find Ergun’s statement here along with my response.

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