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What is a fake ex Muslim?

A fake ex Muslim is somebody who is being untruthful about being a former Muslim. The errors an individual makes regarding their supposed devout Muslim background is what makes it apparent. A fake ex Muslim could also be somebody who is being untruthful with regards to their former devotion to Islam. I.e. a person who in reality was a nominal Muslim claiming a former devout Muslim.

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Why do you care so much that Ergun is an ex Muslim? get over it!

This question can be answered with a similitude of the situation: 

Imagine there are two people who are popular around the world because they claim that they used to be part of your famous family. And because of this claim, these two people write books about your family, appear on television giving interviews about your family and become presidents of well known universities by the means of saying they were once part of your popular family. But the only problem is – that they were never part of your family. 

And you know this because when they speak about your family, they get the name of your mother wrong and accidentally call her “Suzanne” instead of “Tracy”, and they call your brother by the name of “Lucas” when really his name is “Jack”, and then to make matters worse – they say that your family are dreadful people who we must stay away from because of your corrupt way of life.

What would you do?

These people are claiming that they were once part of your family until their high school years but they do not even know your mother’s name! Not knowing your mother's name, whilst claiming that they were part of your family for almost 20 years is in itself proof that these people were never part of your family, right?

So what would you do in this situation?

They are running around poisoning everybody against you and your family by telling them that your mother is a prostitute, your brother is a heroin addict and that your sister has been up to no good! But it's okay for them to say this "becuase they were part of your family". This is the exact equivalent of the situation regarding Ergun and Emir Caner.

They claim that they are ex Muslims, but they do not even get the fundamental principles correct. Ergun thinks that the Muslim declaration of faith (your mother Tracy) is the first 2 verses of the Qur'an (Suzanne). Emir thinks that Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abd’al Wahhaab was a prophet, even though all Muslims believe that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the seal of the Prophets.

How is this possible?

They then go on to make absurd lies about the Prophet (peace be upon him), and drawing incorrect conclusions about the whole of Islam by the means of quoting one verse from a scripture they have probably not even read. This false information is then indoctrinated into the minds of the naive.

In addition to this, the stories of their conversion dates do not even add up. The stories are so inconsistent that if you were to say that Ergun always speaks the truth, then you are illogically agreeing that a person can be 16 and 18 years old at the same time (click here to see). So if your family were victims of these lies,

would you get over it?

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You are so stupid, are you saying that all of the people who say they are ex Muslims are frauds?

I am not in a position to generalise about all the people who claim to be ex Muslims – Allah knows best. However, if “ex Muslims” make testimonies claiming that they were proper practising Muslims for most of their lives and then they lack the ability to demonstrate even the most basic of principles which all Muslims understand (even very young children), then we have no choice but to be suspicious of their claim.

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You are just jealous, why don't you do something better with your time?

I am not jealous. I can assure you that my life doesn't revolve around exposing liars and fraudsters. Any true seeker of truth should be happy that dishonesty is being exposed for what it really is. If you are unhappy with the lies being exposed, then you need to reassess your heart.

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Your allegations are based solely on pronunciations, so what if he can't say things properly?

Almost all individuals who make this claim have done so after only seeing the first video, even though the first video clearly shows Ergun saying wrong words and then giving a wrong meaning, which to a Muslim is enough proof that the guy is a fraud.

In spite of this, a non-Muslim is going to want more evidence, which is why I opted to create the sequels to the original video which without doubt prove the lies of both Ergun and Emir.

Another point which is important to mention is that Islam is a universal religion. All Muslims across the globe recite the Qur’an in its original Arabic, we all give the call to prayer in the original Arabic and all of the Islamic terms such as Salah, Zakat, Shahadah, Muhammad, Esa, Ibrahim, Hadith, Qur’an etc all remain the same no matter what part of the world you are from. This is all due to the amazing universal brotherhood that Islam offers human beings.

So when a man comes along and says “the pillars of Islam, Salah, Zakah, SWAAN”, this seriously casts doubts over the legitimacy of this so called ex Muslim. Because the word is not "SWAAN" - it is in fact Sawm. The word for the pilgrimage is Hajj, not "KHAAJ", a name of Allah is Wahhaab, not "WAKHAAB" and so on. These "mispronunciations" are nothing but intentional in order to fool the audience that he is genuinely using Arabic words, when in reality he is only digging himself a hole.

We must understand that Islam terms are the terms derived from the Qur'an and the Ahadith of Muhammad (pbuh). There are bound to be differences amongst certain cultures when translating certain Islamic phrases, for example - we call "Salah" (prayer) as "Moonz", but that does not mean the Islamic phrases have been altered, it merely means that the people of my heritage have a meaning for the Islamic phrase in our own language. We still know what Salah is. We know what Sawm is. We know what all of these things are, because these are the universal Islamic phrases known to all Muslims around the world. We all read the same Qur'an in its original Arabic from which the Islamic terms are derived.

Putting mispronunciations aside, there are undeniable inconsistencies and errors within their stories which are of course, not due to mispronunciation.

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Do you think that Ergun was a Muslim at any point in his life?

There is a world of a difference between having a Turkish father and you yourself being a devout Muslim. Ergun, Emir and other fake ex Muslims (see here and here) seem to use the word “Turkish” and “Muslim” interchangeably thinking that being Turkish automatically makes you a devout Muslim.

This most certainly is not the case, especially when Ergun says “I am Turkish” whilst their mother is in fact Swedish and only his father was Turkish! It does not make Ergun or Emir ex devout Muslims because their father who they rarely saw (due to a divorce) was Turkish. Need I remind you that Ergun and Emir had to go through the tribulations of their parents divorcing when they were not even in their teens.

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Why do you think that Ergun is pretending to be an Ex Muslim?

The answer to this question is very simple.

According to the John Ankerberg show, 68,000 people accept Islam every 24 hours.

For open-minded people this is a call to investigate Islam in order to understand why this vast number of people are accepting it as their way of life, whereas for the hard hearted haters, this is a call to retaliate by diverting the “not yet Muslims” away from Islam by teaching them lies, even if it means that you have to lie about being a former Muslim in order to get people to believe what you are saying.

Also, bashing Islam is now a very high paid occupation, Nonie Darwish and Walid Shoebat are clear examples of this. 

The main reason as to why Ergun Caner is so popular is because of his claim of being an ex devout Muslim. Where would he be without this claim? Probably not as high as he is now. So it is possible that fame and popularity are other reasons to why Ergun is being dishonest about being a former Muslim.

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Why don't you talk to Ergun about it?

Ergun has claimed that he does not respond to the questions as he has been receiving abusive E-mails from Muslims, but the reality of the situation is that asking a simple question like “Who is Bahruch?” is not abusive, and neither is “Why is it that you think that the declaration of faith is the 1st chapter of the Qur’an?”

Where is the abuse in these questions? And more importantly, where are the replies? It is also important to reiterate that Ergun does not allow for discussion on his Facebook discussion board. Within minutes of posting a response to any of his articles, they are deleted and the user is blocked from posting on his page. A discussion board which does not allow discussion is some strange discussion board.

Whereas ironically Ergun did however allow comments from his fans that applaud him for his articles, Ergun claims that he “wont runaway” and that he is "built for confrontation". In response to this, I sent an open letter to Ergun and he did not respond. I also requested to add him as a friend on YouTube which he has ignored. He deleted all of our comments from his YouTube channel, he disabled comments on all of his videos and he has personally blocked me from sending him any messages through YouTube.

So why don’t I talk to Ergun? Because he does not allow me to.

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I have met Ergun and his family and I see how much of a man of God he is and how he lets God work through him. Ph.D or not!

Just because you have met Ergun, it does not mean that it proves everything he says to be true. And neither does it explain a single error which has been made by both Ergun or Emir.

Furthermore, many criminals appear outwardly as normal people in the presence of people they know, when in secret, they may be rapists, murderers or maybe even paedophiles (you never know!). Meeting a person and his family does not prove anything and neither does it justify lying or any kind of fraudelant activity. This is common sense, but one of Ergun's fans said:

"You've hardly convinced me. Ive met his family and they're hardly ones to lie. beleive what you want but don't go taking people's inspiration away from them. Sometimes people say things to inspire others... not all of it is true but thats not what matters. Stories can sometimes teach the best lessons.
What if someone felt inspired by Caner's message and goes to get help for a drug addiction or an eating disorder. are you seriously going to take that message away from them? Who cares if he's lying, ITS HELPING PEOPLE."

 Need I say more?

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It doesn’t matter who Ergun WAS, what matters is who Ergun IS now!

I totally agree. It does not matter who he was, and what matters is who he is now. But you fail to see that he is lying about his past NOW. Preaching through the means of deceitful speech is what Ergun is doing at this present moment. The problem is that Ergun lies about being a former devout Muslim and uses it as a verification of his false speech. I.e. “because he was a devout Muslim, everything he says about Islam must be correct and true”. So Ergun’s lies are the present, not the past. You may consider him as a “saint of God” now, but I say that a true “saint of God” (not that I believe in saints of God) would always speak truth and this is not what Ergun does. A man who can come out and blatantly lie about his own mother should not be trusted.

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How have Caner fans reacted and how would you expect a hardcore Caner fan to react to what you are saying?

Based on experiences, the majority of Ergun fans tend to react angrily at the idea of him being a fraud. They usually accuse me of being jealous of his fame and his “amazing Islamic knowledge”, when really and truly the exact opposite is true. These angry Ergun fans accuse the proof of Ergun and Emir being liars to be untrue and out of context, thus I give them an opportunity to elaborate on their accusations by justifying Ergun’s lies and errors. These fans then tend to resort to irrelevant messages about Christianity and divert away from the topic of Ergun’s errors. One Ergun fan contacted me by merely saying "you are going to hell", one insulted my mother and used foul language which was of course totalling uncalled for. Another individual accused me of "doctoring" the videos in order to make it sound like Ergun was speaking in a certain way when really he wasn't. So you can understand the mentality of the individuals we are dealing with . . . . .

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Why do you think some people disregard your videos and continue to believe Ergun?


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How can we trust what you say?

On the basis of me being a Muslim, many Christians blindly reject what I have presented. In reality, those Christians who believe that information is automatically invalid merely because the informer is a Muslim - have a corrupt mind. So what if I am Muslim? Whether the information is being presented by a Muslim, Christian, Jew or any person for that matter - if the information is verifiable - then ones faith does not matter.

I openly invite any reader to verify each and every single point I have raised, do not take my word for it blindly. Verify it! Then most assuredly you will understand.

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All the Muslims who say they are former Christians are fakes too! What do you have to say about that?

If you can prove that these individuals are lying about being former Christians then please do so. But please do not just blindly say that they were never Christians. Unlike fans of Ergun Caner, if you show me clear discrepancies and errors in the testimonies of former Christians, I will agree that they are being untruthful.

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If Ergun and Emir are frauds, then how comes they are both presidents of well known colleges?

Being a president of a university or a college does not automatically nullify the lies an individual speaks. Who cares if they are presidents of universities? That does not prove anything. There are countless criminals who have attained riches, that doesn’t mean that the crimes by which they attained their riches were never committed – they would still be criminals.

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What software did you use to make your videos?

I used windows movie maker. 

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Anymore questions?

If you think there is an important question which needs answering, please send it via the contact page at the top and I will try my best to answer it if I feel it is necessary.

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