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Emir Caner has been rather quiet and has only briefly come out to stand by ALL of his brothers' claims. Some of the most prominent Ergun-Defence cases presented were the two from Norman Geisler. You can see his two responses here and here.

Norman is an extremely busy and not forgetting to mention, old man (around 80 years old). I personally cannot imagine him sitting there reviewing more than a day’s worth of audios/videos that show the observable deceit of the Caner brothers, especially Ergun. Judging from Norman’s two defence articles, he apparently did the unexpected and reviewed all available material (although any commonsensical person can see that he hadn’t, well, not properly anyway).

Initially, Norman had published his two defence cases at the following links:

You will notice that the above links do not work and were removed. Fortunately I saved each of the pages here and here in case this removal were to ever occur. The articles were later edited and consolidated into one piece here: (I have also backed this up here)

I however, want to emphasise on Norman's second Ergun-Defence publication. Although he has consolidated his two articles into one, the html/document for the original second response still remains on his website:

You can see the screenshot to the URL of the document on his website.

The file properties of the document have something noticeably wrong. Take a look for yourself:

The "Company" field is "Truett-McConnell College"

Go on, download the document from his website yourself:

I have downloaded his document from the website (in case he tries to deleted it):

You will notice that the word document properties  show the company as "Truet-McConnell College", the very college where Emir Caner is president! This means that the Microsoft Office Suite used to create the document was installed on  a computer at that particular location. 

This suggests that the document may actually be written by Emir Caner himself. It would not make sense for Norman Geisler to travel that long way to where Emir works and create the document there. We can only assume that Norman agreed to put his name on whatever Emir could produce as a refutation.

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