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Ankerberg & The Caner Brothers - Experts on Islam in the UK
January 21, 2013 at 9:10 AM

John Ankerberg is the producer and host of the televised weekly half-hour program The John Ankerberg Show. It is on this show where Ergun and Emir Caner famously gave their bogus testimonies and presented blatant lies about Islam.

After the controversy in 2009/2010, it was proven that Ergun Caner had LIED about his testimony of being a former Muslim. For him to lie about his testimony and get exposed for his lies about Islam, meant that the credibility of the vastly popular shows by John Ankerberg such as –

“Former Muslims Testify about Islam”,

“Islam and Jihad”,“What do Muslims believe?,

“What Islam teaches about Jesus’ Return, Armageddon,Jerusalem and the Jews” and

“Where is Islam taking the world?”

were all drawn in to question. In fact, it was from the recording of these shows where I exposed many of their lies. So essentially, these shows (which you have to PAY 40 DOLLARS EACH for from his website!) were questionable; and so were his books that he co-authored with Emir Caner.

Any honest human would distance himself and his organisation from clear frauds in order to maintain some amount of dignity and credibility; but, what John Ankerberg did was quite astonishing. In July 2010 he posted the following message on his website:

July 2010


I 'have known Ergun Caner for nearly a decade. I am disheartened by the recent attacks upon his integrity and character. I have interviewed Ergun for more than a dozen television shows and believe his personal testimony to be completely true. Otherwise, I would not have allowed him to broadcast his story to the millions of viewers that tune in to my program across the globe. Ergun and his brother, Emir, are men of God who have taken a valiant stand for the Lord, even costing them and their families their safety. For someone to attack Ergun’s selfless sacrifice, especially since they malign his character without any substantiation, is both unchristian and unbiblical. Count me among the many who will stand with Ergun Caner,knowing he stands for the Lord Jesus Christ.



Dr. John F.Ankerberg


For more information see Ergun Caner

In addition to this ignorant post, he went out to shut down the mokhan247 YouTube channel. He was partially successful, as an appeal was filed at the risk of going to court and it was re-opened. Note that the link at the bottom of his message is to the website of Norman Geisler – the man who is also close friends with Ergun Caner and would defend him even if you were to say Ergun is not bald. The “refutation” of Norman was refuted twice over by me (here and here) as it consisted of childish excuses and inaccurate information.

Here’s the shocking part – John Ankerberg, in January 2013 invited Ergun and Emir Caner back on to his show to talk about Islam!

Yes, that’s right. Here’s something even more shocking – he specifically wanted to talk to them about:

“Muslim imams (religious leaders of local mosques) in the UK now outnumber the UK’s Christian pastors”

“Why has the UK allowed the establishment of 85 Sharia councils (said to have tried some7,000 cases decided up through 2010) and five Muslim arbitration tribunals in the United Kingdom?”

“What impact is Sharia having on Great Britain and other European countries?”

“What are Christians experiencing in countries where Sharia law has become the law of theland?”

“Why is Sharia so important to Muslims?”

“What is Sharia?”

“What is it that makes Sharia so dangerous to Western society?”

We all know that neither Ergun or Emir are experts in these fields, as all they know are the classical misconceptions and lies that they have been feeding people. The striking thing about most of these subjects is that these Swedish Americans who have no expertise on Islam in Britain or positively interacted with any Muslim in the UK are being brought on as experts on ‘Islam in Britain’. Ergun was given the opportunity to debate Adnan Rashid, but totally ignored the invitation despite his apparent eagerness to debate “anybody, anywhere, anytime”.  

If Ankerberg had a genuine desire to present a real understanding of Islam in the UK, he could easily have invited a UK based Islamic organisation such as IERA (Islamic Education Research Academy) as additional guests to present the Islamic viewpoint. You would never see this happen because his show and his guests want to brainwash the viewers as opposed to educate them.

For Ankerberg to justify his invitation of the Caner brothers once again, he posted a longwinded message titled “Why I invited Emir Caner and Ergun Caner to the John Ankerberg Show”. In his message, he cited the likes of Norman Geisler and classified all information about Ergun’s fraudulence as “no credible evidence”. He also refers to those who exposed Ergun (i.e. Me) as “extreme Muslims”.

Within the same message, he cites something the from the publishers of Ergun and Emir’s books. “Kregel Publications concluded that the Kregeltitles by Dr. Caner are trustworthy, factually accurate, and helpful to both Christians and seekers wanting to know more about Islamic beliefs and how those beliefs compare and contrast with biblical Christianity.” (Kregel, July 6,2010)

Can you get more bias than this? Quoting the publishers of the book that has already sold “record-breaking” numbers.... Did they honestly expect the publishers to say “Dr. Caner is not trustworthy and nothing he says is factually accurate, therefore all the books you were sold are wrong”? Clearly not.

It is fair to conclude that Ankerberg, the Caner’s and all their associated peers are peas from the same rotten pod. They wish not to educate their followers, rather they want to reaffirm the lies they have already been fed and keep them all in a state of disillusion where Muslims are to blame for everything. 

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