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Issue - Raised in Turkey or Sweden?

Ergun Caner presents himself as a native Turk. Thus you find him saying that his children are half Turkish and half American. But he fails to mention that his mother is actually Swedish. Today, Ergun’s website says that he was raised in Turkey which is a clear contradiction to a statement that Ergun made in one of his testimonies.

the proof

You can see from the screen shot below Ergun states that he was raised the son of a Muslim leader in to enlarge

Now you see he admits that he was born in Sweden and then moved to America.

And likewise, we find it written in his book Unveiling Islam:

 click to enlarge

what's the problem?

Little explanation is required, it is self explanatory.

How can somebody who was born in Sweden to a Turkish father and a Swedish mother and then moved to America at a young age claim to be raised as the son of a Muslim leader in Turkey?

Can one who was born in Sweden and moved to American at a young age be raised in Turkey at the same time? No.

This is clearly another deliberate misrepresentation on behalf of Ergun Caner to pose himself a native Turk who was a devout Muslim.

Ergun lied regarding this matter in the past when he told everybody that he was born in Istanbu, Turkey which was a complete lie. That error can be viewed here.

did ergun caner ever live in turkey? probably not.

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