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Issue - 16 or 18?

When Ergun Caner supposedly has the ability to remember what happened on the day he converted in great detail, from the clothes he was wearing, what he was holding, where he went to eat on that night, the exact words that were spoken, the behaviour of the people involved all the way through to where he was standing and how many people there were in the Church at the time, then he ought to know how old he was on the most memorable day of his life.

There has risen a clear discrepancy in Ergun’s testimony with regards to how old he was at the time of his conversion.

If it were a difference of one year, then I would give him the benefit of the doubt, but two whole years? No, sorry.

the proof

1. You can see from Ergun's facebook profile that his date of birth is November 3rd 1966:

Thus, we can understand that Ergun's supposed conversion on November 4th 1982 took place one day after his 16th birthday.

Ergun Caner's facebook profile

2. Even articles shown on Ergun's website say that he was 16 when he converted in 1982:

This article was that of the Rifqa Bary story. Ergun Caner was interviewed regarding the issue.

Article from

3. Video of Ergun saying he was 18 when he converted:

what's the problem?

How can it be possible that his date of birth suggests that he was 16 during his November 1982 conversion and yet he comes on TV and says that he was a Muslim until the age of 18?

A genuine mistake or an accidental slip up of his fake story? Based on what I have seen of Ergun so far, the latter is most probably true.

This problem is not a minor issue, this links back to the 1982 confusion issue as discussed in the previous section, this is for two reasons:

Reason 1 - When Ergun claims to have converted at age of 18, it nullifies his previous statement of saying that he converted in 1982 at the age of 16..

1.     Reason 2 - If Ergun claims to have converted at the age of 16 (1982) then that means Emir lied when he claimed to have converted in November 1982, because Emir was supposed to have converted a year after Ergun.

how could he forget his birthday?

Using Ergun's date of birth, we can understand that his 16th birthday was on November 3rd 1982. This would be the day before his supposed conversion! So is Ergun suggesting that even though the most memorable day of his life near enough coincided with his 16th birthday he still forgot?

Surely not, Ergun is clearly once again leaving us no option but to be suspicious of his claim of being an ex Muslim.

A Caner fan has no choice but to admit that there are clear errors in the testimonies of both Ergun and Emir, which should lead them to question the authenticity of these two individuals. Or will it?

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