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Issue - The Confusion of 1982

This issue is a clear cut discrepancy in the supposed conversion from Islam to Christianity of the Caner brothers. Any person with a mind of logic and reasoning can understand that there are undeniable errors with what Ergun and Emir Caner say about the dates they converted to Christianity. This particular issue requires you to read attentively in order to fully understand what is going on – because the difference of dates and ages can get a little confusing, I am going to break it down into points.

Please note the difference of names in each point, sometimes it will refer to Emir instead of Ergun.

what's the problem?

1. Ergun Caner claims to have converted to Christianity on November 4th 1982

      2. Emir Caner also claims to have converted to Christianity in November 1982

3. In their book "Unveiling Islam" it says that Emir Caner converted on November 4th 1982










page 19 of "Unveiling Islam"

4. Ergun Caner then claims that his brother Emir converted to Christianity one year after he did

5. Emir Caner also then claims to have converted one year after Ergun

You can clearly see what the confusion is all about.

With Ergun first claiming to have converted in November of 1982 and then Emir also claiming to have converted in November of 1982, they then sat together in the presence of John Ankerberg and professed that Emir converted a whole year after Ergun did.

How can they both claim to have converted in November of 1982 and then on a different day, say that Emir converted a whole year after Ergun did?

Surely if they converted together on the same day, at the same time, they would not forget about it.

In my personal opinion, for which there is no evidence, this confusion is due to the reason that Ergun and Emir accidentally “read the wrong script”. And what I mean by this is that Ergun and Emir had prepared a “believable” story for each of them to stick to when giving their testimonies but under the pressure of being interviewed – Emir thought that the November of 1982 conversion story applied to him, when really it should have been Ergun who says he converted in November of 1982.

This is not just a minor error which one can brush off like it’s nothing.

Had they not mentioned the specific month of November, one would give them the benefit of the doubt and say that it could be possible that Ergun converted in January 1982 whilst Emir converted in Decemeber of 1982 (i.e. a year later), but due to the insistence of specific dates, they have only dug themselves hole.  

more confusion

The confusion has not ended.

Ergun and Emir had both simultaneously stated on their personal websites that they converted in 1982. (Websites have automatically been archived by (2006) (2006)

But with all this confusion, they have since removed the conversion dates from their website.

Surely if there is nothing to hide then they should have no problem in keeping the dates they both claim to have converted on their personal websites? What is there to hide if you are truthful?

even more confusion

Yet again, the confusion has not ended.

On their profiles of their respected Universities of which they are presidents, it is still stated that they converted in 1982:


A university website over which they have no control can obviously not be edited so easily. It would be like asking the website maintainer “oh by the way, I didn’t really convert in 1982, I lied, can you change it?”, they would not do this of course. 

question for you

How could Ergun and Emir both claim to have converted in November of 1982 and yet claim that Emir converted a whole year later?

it is not possible and the lies of their story caught up with them.

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