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Issue - Age, Place and Birth Deception (30th April 2010)

Prior to September 2009, Ergun Caner had two facebook accounts. One is/was his personal account like we all have, whilst the second one was an official fan page run by Ergun himself. Please do not assume that the “Ergun Caner” page on facebook today is run by Ergun, it isn’t.

On his official fan page which he closed on September 30th 2009 due to the heavy amount of questioning from Muslims, he had uploaded many pictures of himself. Similarly, he has uploaded many pictures on his personal account; some of these pictures are the same as those uploaded on his public fan page pre-September 2009. 

We have all acknowledged that Ergun Caner is a fraud, a liar and indeed a very deceitful individual. When analysing some of the pictures, you will come to see that he has intentionally misled people yet again.

this is what i mean...

The following is a picture of the Caner brothers with their father:


click to enlarge
Ergun = left, Erdem = middle, Acer = middle, Emir = right

We can see from the picture that it is some sort of a party. You will notice Ergun eating some cake in a paper party plate, there is a boy on the sofa in the upper left wearing shorts, there is a girl at the back wearing a skirt drinking from a fancy cup, there is a lady at the back right dressed in a type of Saaree with short sleeves and no Islamic dress whatsoever and finally there is a man on the right happily feasting on some party cake.


Where was this picture taken?

When was this picture taken?

What was the occasion?

let's see if Ergun can answer my questions....

The following is a screen shot of the picture uploaded by Ergun Caner himself on August 10th 2009 onto the public fan page for all fan-page members to see.:

click to enlarge

You will notice that Ergun has stated that this picture was “at the Islamic Foundation as a young boy”.

Which Islamic foundation allows free-mixing in such a manner?

Which Islamic foundation allows girls to be walking around in skirts?

Which Islamic foundation allows boys to walk around in shorts?

The answers to the above are all the same, you can guess what the answer is, it's obvious.

Why is Ergun not dressed in the sort of clothes he told everyone he wore?

Wouldn’t the Islamic Foundation be one of the most appropriate places to be wearing Arabic garments as opposed to an America High School where Ergun claims he did? So much for – “WE DRESSED DIFFERENTLY”.


Prior to uploading this picture on the fan page for all people to see, Ergun himself had uploaded it on his personal facebook on November 2nd 2008:

click to enlarge

What do you notice?

Ergun has commented on the image himself saying the following:

“On the back of this picture is written Ergun birfday, 1976. That means the picture is IN TURKEY, and my tenth. From left to right: Me (in chequered shirt), Erdem (behind our father), our father, Acar Mehmet Caner, Emir and my father’s friend. I do not remember his name, but his wife is seated behind him in chador, and I believe that is his daughter drinking in the background. We have come a long way from this...”

Firstly, I never knew that there were Indian women dressed in Saree’s IN TURKEY all the way back in 1976!.........

Those of you who have been following the Ergun Caner controversy, you would know that Ergun did not move to America in 1978 or 1979 as he and Liberty University claims he did.

So why is Ergun using his age of 10 as a verification that this picture was taken in Turkey even though we know he moved to America before he had even turned 4 years old?

The simple answer is that he is deliberately fooling people and conforming to the lie he constantly utters regarding his 1978/1979 arrival to America.

In addition to this, I find it peculiar that the picture with this particular caption was on his personal facebook and not the public fan page, I am in no position to give reasons why this is the case, only Ergun Caner can answer this question.

However, my opinion is that Ergun's friends were also lied to about his place of birth and date of arrival, if that were not the case, why would he deliberately post up a blatant lie on his facebook account which only his friends can see?

celebrated birthdays?

Many times Ergun has reiterated that he and his family  were "wahhaabis" (a misnomer and often an offensive term used to describe those Muslims who adhere to the methodology of the pious predecessors).

Allow me to explain the significance of this, I myself am a Muslim who adheres to the Sunnah (a "Sunni") and I adhere to the methodology of the pious predecessors and WE DO NOT CELEBRATE BIRTHDAYS!

A "wahhaabi" is not a terrorist as the news people tell you, I urge all those curious regarding the topic of "wahhabis" to read the book - The 'Wahhabi' MYTH: Dispelling Prevalent Fallacies And the Fictious Link with Bin Laden written by H. James Oliver.

So if Ergun was a "Wahhabi",

why on earth was he celebrating birthdays?

why would his strict father allow this to happen?

Think about it.

this is not the first time....

Ergun has attempted to deceive people in the past on his own official website, click here to see for yourself!

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