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Issue - Moved to America in 1978?

An issue has been noticed regarding Ergun Caner’s claim to have moved to America in 1978. This claim of having moved to America in 1978 does not conciliate with Emir Caner’s date of birth or the official legal documents of his family – the problem is explained in further detail below.


From the clip above we can understand that Ergun Caner claims to have moved to America in the year 1978. However, we also hear him say that he was 13 when he moved to America, so using his date of birth, we understand that that would be the years 1979 or 1980.

The Liberty University website says that Ergun Caner moved to America in the year 1979:

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We can also see on Emir Caner’s personal website that Emir (not Ergun) was born in the year 1970:

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what's the problem?

The problem is that if you read the book Unveiling Islam which has been authored by Ergun and Emir Caner – you will come to know that Emir Caner was born AFTER they moved to America from Sweden.

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Thus you can understand the joking speech from the Caner brothers of how Emir is the only one of the 3 brothers (Ergun, Emir and Erdem) that can become the America president i.e. he is the only one that was born in America.

So the question is simple –

how is it possible they moved to America from Sweden in 1978 BEFORE Emir’s birth, when Emir was, in fact, born in the year 1970?

For those with an open-mind – it is clearly evident that Ergun is being dishonest with regards to the date they moved to America from Sweden.  

even more problems!

If we refer back to the real biography of Ergun Caner, we learn that Ergun's parents purchased a property in 1974 and then his mother purchased one separately in 1977!

So unless Ergun and his family moved to America pre-1970, gave birth to Emir in 1970, waited around for four years before purchasing a property in 1974, waited around another three years before purchasing another property in 1977, then moved back to their homeland and then finally moved to America in 1978, Ergun Caner is lying. (Yes, the list is rather stupid, but that is one of the few ways Ergun's saying of moving to America to 1978 is possible).

Official legal documents do not lie.

Furthermore, Ergun's parents filed for a divorce IN AMERICA in July 1975!

So how can Ergun have moved to America with his family in 1978 when his parents were already in America applying for a divorce in 1975?

We also understand that the official website of Liberty University has either knowingly or unknowingly published A LIE about the president of their Theological Seminary by saying he moved to America in 1979!

think about it

Why would Ergun lie about the date they moved to America?

Why is it so important to add on AN EXTRA 10 YEARS to the  actual date they moved to America?

Firstly, it is worth mentioning that Ergun Caner is not at all open about his real place of birth (Sweden) as he is when he lies about being brought up in Turkey.

The only 3 occasions where I have personally seen Ergun admit he was born in Sweden is in their book Unveiling Islam, on the John Ankerberg Show and within his public statement of February 2010.

So we can understand that when Ergun explicitly (as well implicitly) claims to have been born and raised in Turkey (a Muslim country) – he wants to give the impression that he was in an Islamic environment for the majority of his childhood, with the only problem being he wasn’t!

If Ergun admits that he moved to America as a mere toddlerit would seriously harm his claim of being an ex devout Muslim who has “always lived in majority Islamic countries” and was trained overseas in "Islamic Youth Jihad" to carry out attacks like that of 9/11 (as he says) – thus you find him lying about his date of arrival in order to intentionally mislead his gullible flock. 

You can see a video explaining this error in a nutshell here.

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