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Issue - Father = A'bee in Turkish?

After the videos of Ergun’s exposure were made, several comments and messages from Turkish brothers and sisters openly said that there is no chance that Ergun Caner can be Turkish due to how he pronounces things in Turkish and Arabic.

Ergun claims to have grown up speaking Turkish. The word used by Turks for older brother is “A-bee”, this can easily be verified by any real Turk. Ergun has made an error with regards to the name that he called his father on the night he supposedly went home and told his father that he converted to Christianity.

the proof

 1. Grew up speaking Turkish

The following screen shot is of the "The Q&A Sessions: July 2009" published by Ergun Caner as a result of the allegations being placed on him:

You can clearly read above that Ergun Caner states "We were raised speaking Turkish".

2. Raised in Turkey

Ergun Caner states on his website that was raised in Turkey

3. Calls father A'bee

The clip above shows Ergun saying “I went home and told my father A'bee"

what's the problem?

As stated in the introduction to this issue, the word A’bee is does not mean father in Turkish, it means older brother.

So Ergun was “raised in Turkey”, “grew up speaking Turkish” but calls his father his older brother. This is absolutely ludicrous.

He grew up speaking Turkish but he does not know the word for "dad" or "father" and instead calls him older brother.

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