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Issue - Halal and Haram

All Muslims in the world are familiar with the terms Halal and Haram.

Halal means permissible whilst Haram means prohibited.

Something Halal  (permissible) is anything and everything which is permissible for a Muslim to do, this covers all angles of a Muslims life such as behavior, speech communication, clothing, conduct, manner and dietary laws.

Similarly, something Haram (prohibited) is anything and everything which is prohibited for a believer.

Amongst many non-Muslims there is a misconception that these two words are strictly used only for dietary restrictions, so much so that they refer to the words Halal and Haram as the ‘dietary restrictions’.

On the other hand, Muslims understand that this is not the case. Ergun Caner the supposed ex devout Muslim has made the same mistake.

the proof

You can see from the following clip that Ergun refers to Halal and Haram as the dietary restrictions and that he lived it devoutly:

what's the problem?

The problem is self explanatory. Ergun Caner claims that he was a Muslim for 18 years of his life; he also claims he was devout.

But he embraces the same misconception that some non-Muslims fall for?

As stated before, Halal and Haram are not “the dietary restrictions”, they are anything and everything which are permissible and prohibited, to call them as “the dietary restrictions” is due to Ergun’s lack of knowledge of Islam and a Muslims way of life.

Thus, he as a supposed ex devout Muslim of 18 years ought to know this basic principle, but he doesn’t. The reasons to why he does not know this are fairly obvious, and yet he claims that he “lived this devoutly”.

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