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Issue - The Holy Tobaad?

In Islam we believe in all the pristine altered revelations from Allah. These include the Taurat (to Musa(pbuh)), Zaboor (to Dawud(pbuh)), Injeel (to Isa(pbuh)), the Qur’an (to Muhammad (pbuh)) also the scrolls of Ibrahim(pbuh). Other than these, there are no other scriptures mentioned in the Qur’an.

During an interview with Zola Levitt, Ergun Caner made a serious error with regards to the scriptures mentioned in the Qur’an.

the proof

Video here

You can see that ergun names a scripture which Muslims refer to as the “tobaad”.

what's the problem?

There is no scripture mentioned anywhere called "the tobaad".

We Muslims have never heard of a scripture called "the tobaad", this is yet another interpolation on the hands of Ergun Caner.

I am genuninely upset for the people that rely on Ergun and Emir Caner for information about Islam, because they do not understand that they are constantly being lied to. So Ergun the ex devout Sunni invents new scriptures that Muslims have not heard of and then applies it to the beliefs of Muslims across the whole globe!? Or is it that Ergun genuinely thought that the "tobaad" is a scripture in Islam? Either way, Ergun is in error and is yet again harming his claim of being an ex devout sunni Muslim.

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