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Issue - Breaking the Fast During Ramadan

As stated previously, we Muslims fast for the whole of Ramadan during the daylight hours – i.e. from dawn until dusk. Before the fast begins – i.e. pre-dawn, we wake up and consume a light meal. This pre-dawn meal is called “Suhoor”. When dusk time is approaches, we prepare a meal – this particular time is referred to as “Iftar”.

These principals are basic Islamic concepts which all Muslims know and understand, thus if a man were to come along and say he was a devout Muslim until the age of 18 and fasted during the month Ramadan but does not know these concepts, then you have no choice but to be suspicious of his claim of being an ex Muslim.

the proof

The following is a small clip of Ergun Caner talking about fasting during the month of Ramadan:

*video goes here*

so what's the problem?

After reading the first paragraph, any person will be able to spot the error of Ergun Caner regarding the meals during Ramadan.

In the clip Ergun called the evening feast as ?Sokoori?. I give him the benefit of the doubt regarding his pronunciation (even though he claims to be able to speak Arabic and that he would regularly read the Qur?an, meaning that his Arabic pronunciation should be sound), but we can understand that what Ergun intended to say was ?Suhoor?. This is totally INCORRECT.

The evening feast is called ?Iftar? whereas the pre-dawn meal is called ?Suhoor?.

So Ergun claims that he fasted during the "40" days of Ramadan, was a devout Muslim for 18 whole years, but he cannot distinguish between the two meals that he supposedly tucked into for 18 years. Does that sound right to you? Of course not.

This error is so basic that it is as silly as thinking breakfast is dinner or vice versa. Even an English speaking child at the age 5 would be corrected by his parent for making the mistake of thinking dinner is breakfast because it just so obvious and basic. But Ergun Caner the supposed ex devout Muslim fasted the month of Ramadan until the age of 18 but cannot distinguish between pre-dawn and dusk.

So the question must be asked, why did Ergun Caner make such an error?

The answer is simple ? Ergun Caner tries to fool his audience by using fancy words like ?Sokoori? thinking it will make him seem genuine. This technique works on naive people who do not know about Islam, but did Ergun not think that one day his testimonies would be seen by Muslims who would notice? Ergun does not know the difference between Suhoor and Iftar because he is lying about being a former devout Muslim.

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