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Issue - Mother a Niqabi?

As you all know, many Muslim women wear the veil, this is called the Niqab or in some cultures it is referred to as the burkha. During Ergun’s testimony, he had made statements which once again made us question his authenticity.

He had stated that after his mother converted to Christianity in 1991 she did not have to wear her Hijab or Niqab anymore.

(Please understand, that Hijab does not mean headscarf as many people think, the covering of the hair is just a part of full Hijab in addition to other aspects).

the proof

video here

You can see from the video above that Ergun poses himself and his family and strict Muslims by painting a picture of his mother dressed in Niqab.

what's the problem?

Ergun is giving the impression that his mother dressed like this before she converted in 1991:

As expected, this statement of his turned out to be untrue. I was genuinely curious to Ergun?s claim because I personally have never known a Turkish Muslimah to wear Niqab. Although it was later revealed that Ergun?s mother is actually Swedish, at that time, this was my notion.

What you tend to find is that when Muslim women wear Niqab, you usually see their partners to be dressed in proper Islamic dress, with a beard, a thobe, garments above the ankles etc. But pictures of his father did not show any of this which made me further curious:

click to enlarge
"father and his 3 sons"

A brief glimpse at Ergun?s personal Facebook account revealed pictures of him as a teen with his mother, grandmother and brothers. The main focus is on the picture of his graduation in 1989, 2 years prior to his mothers conversion to Christianity from Islam.

click to enlarge
"1989 My graduation with a BA in Biblical Studies. From left to right Emir, Me, Mormor, Mom and Erdem"

His mother is the lady on the right. Do you see her wearing Niqab? 2 years before her supposed conversion! I don?t think so.

Forget Niqab, do you see her dressed in any sort of Hijab whatsoever? The answer is once again, no. Clearly, this is another lie on behalf of Ergun.

Ergun got away with lying for a while and he realised that he was getting away with it even more as time went on. And once a liar has a taste of how far he can get through dishonesty, then what is stopping one with a diseased heart from lying more, more, and even more?

Little did he know, he was only giving real Muslims such as myself a clear means of proving him to being deceitful.

Overall, Ergun Caner lied about his own mother to fool you.

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