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Issues - Why are Ergun and Emir Caner considered frauds?
If you have not already seen the videos that were made with regards to this matter, then you can view them here. It is important that one views all the videos before coming to a conclusion. Many Ergun fans blindly say that the videos are in error after having only seen 30 seconds of the first part. 

In addition to the videos, some errors have been filtered and explained below.

Many new errors have also been included below which are not in the videos.

Any unbiased reader will easily come to the conclusion that Ergun and Emir Caner both lack basic knowledge about Islam and are being untruthful about being an "ex devout sunni Muslims".


1. Ergun's Shahada

2. 1982 confusion

3. Istanbul "and"/or Stockholm?

4. 16 or 18?

5. 12 or 14?

6. 40 days in Ramadan?

7. The Prophet Bahruch

8. Gibberish (to his father)

9. Gibberish (Mosque in Kabul)

10. Shaykh Muhammad ibn 'Abd al Wahhaab a Prophet?

11. Injeel means Angel?

12. First Revelation

13. Jesus is not Messiah?

14. The Mahdi = hidden Imam?

15. Shabir Ally Debate? 

16. Father = A'bee in Turkish?

17. Shabir Ally - the leader?

18. Halal and Haram - "the dietary restrictions"

19. Salah or Rakahs?

20. Emir Caner "considered for a few years"

21. Reconstruction deception

22. Verses = Surahs?

23. Shahada in the ear?

24. Raised in Turkey or Sweden?

25. Inshallah or Al-Hamdolilah

26. Iftar or Suhoor?

27. Mother a Niqabi?

28. Holy Tobaad?

29. 16 or 18? again

30. Moved to America in 1978? but how?

31. Statement Removal

32. Salah in the Bathroom

33. Arabic or Turkish?

34. Alayhisalam or Swan?

35. No Christian Friends?

36. Told Dad or not?

37. Majority Muslim Countries?

38. Dad = Imam?


40. Age, Place, Birth Deception

41. Ergun MICHAEL Caner 1 (REAL NAME)

42. Ergun Michael Caner 2 (REAL NAME)

43. Gibberish (3) - Allah has no son


44. Gibberish - The Speech of a Martyr

45. Mocks his own Bible (marriage rights 1)

46. Facebook Shutdown

47. Wikipedia Vandalism

48. Marriage Rights 2

49: Mother Sufi or Wahhabi? 

50. 1969 or 1978?

51. Hypocrisy of Emir Caner

52. Godless Pagan (hiding from critics)

53. John Ankerberg Invite - Experts on Islam in the UK

54. Hypocrisy @erguncaner Twitter (Insults)

55. Norman Geisler Responded, but did he really?

56. Caner, Mosques and Women's Toes

57. Emir accuses Ergun of Lying about their Migration

58. Ergun's Apology - 25th February 2010

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Profiteering off of the Prophet: The Unfortunate Case of Ergun Caner

 more coming very soon insha-allah

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