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Issue - Shabir Ally

Shabir Ally is a Muslim speaker well known for engaging in dialogue and shedding light upon the topics of Islam and comparative religion, namely Christianity.

Shabir Ally came into the limelight during the 90’s and many Muslims rely upon his works in order to gain a better understanding about the topics he deals with. Shabir Ally is alive and well. The point to be noted here is the period of time which Shabir Ally was known to Muslims, the reason for this will become more clear in the next few sections.

the proof

You can see from the clip below that Ergun Caner calls Shabir Ally one of his leaders and then mentions that he has passed away:

what's the problem?

The problem here is that Shabir Ally was not even known at any point during the 1980’s let alone pre-1982 when Ergun was supposedly a Muslim.

So how could Shabir have been one his leaders? He couldn’t have. Therefore, Ergun Caner is a liar.

In my opinion, the reason why Ergun referred to Shabir Ally as one of his leaders is because he wanted to make it seem like he was in the exact same boat as us. I.e. "when he was a Muslim, he would always side with Shabir Ally whenever a debate between Shabir and a Christian took place."

Little did he know that he was digging himself a hole by making up such a blatant lie, Shabir Ally was unknown during that time.

Furthermore, Ergun says Shabir Ally is dead, this is totally untrue. Once again, we are left with no choice but to be suspicious of Ergun Caner’s authenticity regarding his claim of being an ex devout Muslim.


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