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Issue - Ergun's Debate With Shabir Ally
There is another issue regarding a statement Ergun Caner has made on no less than two occasions. We have heard Ergun Caner say multiple times that he has a standing order to debate anybody, anytime and at any place. Let's see if Ergun Mehmet Caner lives up to the picture he paints of himself.

We can clearly hear from the clip above that I have compiled - that Ergun claims to have debated the popular Muslim speaker Shabir Ally.

what's the problem?

Unlike many of the other issues, the problem is not clearly evident.

Shabir Ally is very popular across the world, he has published many booklets on the subject of Islam and Christianity and he has taken part in many debates with high profile Christians.

When Ergun Caner said that he had also debated Shabir Ally - I began to look into his claim - but I could not find any such footage of a debate between Ergun Caner and Shabir Ally.

I then contacted a man who has written some posts about Ergun Caner with the clip I compiled above - he contacted Shabir Ally regarding Ergun's statement of having debated Shabir Ally. Shabir Ally’s reply was negative - he has never debated Ergun Caner.

I then contacted Shabir Ally myself on 23rd February 2010 to verify this information.

Shabir Ally replied on the 24th of February with the following message:

"I have never debated Ergun Caner.


So the question must be asked. Why is Ergun Caner claiming to have debated somebody who he has never even met? 

The answer is obvious - Ergun Caner is a dishonest individual who intentionally misleads his gullible fans into thinking he is some sort of super debating machine - he isn't!

How dare Ergun Caner say that so and so is Shabir Ally's number one line "at the debate that took place in Nebraska" when no such debate took place? Is this not a lie upon another lie?

If Ergun chooses to claim that he merely misspoke or slipped up when he mentioned Shabir Ally – the question must be asked – who did Ergun debate in Nebraska for him to confuse them with Shabir Ally? Probably nobody, because Ergun does not do debates – he says he does – but he doesn’t.

How can he unintentionally misspeak and mention Shabir Ally on no less than two separate occasions claiming to have debated him when he hasn't debated him?

He obviously did not misspeak – he spoke words that are quite obviously untrue in order to mislead you.

Is this what happens when you are “being led by the Holy Spirit”?

Is this what happens when you “get saved”?

Does the Holy Spirit make people lie?

If Ergun plans to preach Christianity, does he really think people will listen to him when he is so blatantly lying?

With all these lies Ergun Caner has spoken - it is only fair to say that he deliberately misleads people in order to make his point.

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