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Issue - Shahadah in the ear?

When Muslim children are born, the Adhaan is said into the ear of the child. The Adhaan is the call to prayer. Ergun and Emir Caner have both made a mistake regarding this issue many times..

the proof

Video here

You can clearly see Ergun and Emir both saying that when a child is born that the Shahadah is whispered into the ear of the child.

what's the problem?

Simple - it is the Adhaan which is said into the ear of the child not the Shahadah. Yet again, another basic error by people who named as 2 of the four most authoritative scholars on the subject of Islam, wouldn’t you say? They have the ability to sit there and mock Islam and refer to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the “PROPHET OF HELL” but they do not even understand the basics of Islam.

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