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Issues - Surah = Verse?

The Holy Qur’an consists of 114 chapters.

A single chapter is called a Surah. And subsequently within a Surah (Chapter) you will find verses, these verses are referred to as “signs” – i.e. Ayahs.

So we can see that a chapter is called a Surah whilst a verse is called an Ayah. Thus, you will find Muslims quoting the Qur’an by saying “Surah Al Maidah, Ayah 35” for example.

The point to emphasise here is that Muslims are aware of the difference between a Surah and an Ayah. However, Emir Caner the supposed ex devout Muslim who “regularly read the Qur’an” and had his Islamic School as a child doesn’t know this.

the proof

You can see from the clip below that Emir Caner clearly says “the verses of the Qur’an the Surahs”.

what's the problem?

It seems as though each time Ergun or Emir intend to mesmerise their audience with fancy words which they supposedly had learned as Muslims, they slip up. A VERSE OF THE QUR'AN IS NOT A SURAH!

This is simply due to the fact that they are being untruthful about their supposed strict Muslim upbringing. A verse is an Ayah, whilst a chapter is a Surah, what’s so hard to understand?

Even Muslim children know this, and these two brothers want us to believe a single word they say? They should at least do their research and make certain that they are using the correct words if they want to fool us. Caner fans ought to wake up and smell the coffee.

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