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4. Response to "Jesus VS Muhammad" (pbuh)

This article is based on a document published by Ergun which can be found here.

If "for some reason" Ergun decides to remove the publication from his website, it has been saved here

Did Ergun read one authentic biography of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)? Is this comparison valid or is he merely trying to instil the reader with "controversy" surrounding Muhammad (pbuh)? You decide. 

Errors and Objections

What is he trying to say? Jesus Christ is eternal? I'd like to see him prove that a man who was born of a woman and died on cross was "eternal".

"Sixth and final prophet sent to defend monotheism (Surah 48:8-9)."

So this "ex Muslim" thinks Allah (swt) sent six prophets into the world? Did he read the Qur’an even a single time? The Qur’an mentions 25 prophets by name and Muslims believe that Allah (swt) sent 124,000 prophets into the world throughout history until the advent of Muhammad (pbuh) and the beginning of his ministry.

This is a very serious issue as the belief in the prophets is one of the six articles of faith. He’s not very clever is he? Maybe he was confused and thinks that only six prophets were sent to defend monotheism?

I wonder what kind of Islamic upbringing Ergun has had for him to not know the fundamentals! 

"Married 10 women and had 2 other concubines. In fact, his youngest wife Aisha was six when they engaged and nine when consummated in marriage. (Surah 33:28)" 

And? what is he trying to prove? is Ergun anti-marriage or something? Is he implying that Muhammad (pbuh) mistreated his wives or unfairly?

So Ergun knows that Aisha was 6 and the marriage to her was consummated when she was 9 , how come he tried to deceive his readers over here?
In fact, some people have demonstrated the permission of polygamy in the bible (here and here)  
"Never knew a woman." 

So let me get this straight, the bible mentions Jesus’ birth, then some things he did when was 12....Abra Kadabra!! he is now 30! For 18 years of his life, not a single record of what he was doing and the problem is not there! His 3 years of ministry as the bible records is extremely contradictory. If believing in Jesus (pbuh) was not a principle of Islam, Muslims would argue this man is a myth, how can anyone verify anything personal with this obscure character? 

Note : I am not accusing Jesus (pbuh) of adultery , I am just pointing to the fact that Ergun can't prove that his "man-god" never knew a woman.

"Doubted whether the revelation he received was divine or demonic."

Muhammad (pbuh) is a man; just like any one of us, if you encounter the super natural you will be afraid, scared, doubting...etc 

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) lived in a society that was strictly pagan, if anything super natural happens they would say "SATAN DID IT! DEMONS DID IT!", but Ergun does not mention what happened next , how the Angel Gabrial himself came to him afterward, introduced himself, informed him that the revelation he received is from God and of his divine mission.

He Himself was the divine revelation, knowing His purpose of being born was to die.(Luke 19:10) "

He himself was a revelation? When did Jesus (pbuh) claim to be one? Which disciple understood him to be revelation? And don't get me started on Paul! 

Maybe Ergun is referring to how we Muslims believe that the authentic way of the Prophet (pbuh) is revelation.

So God's purpose of being born was to die? This is absurd, this is no better than heavy metal lyrics, 

"Won a following by military victory and/or forced conversion. "

This is exactly why I doubt Ergun never read an authentic biography, forced conversions NEVER HAPPENED, it is not recorded in our sources and even contemporary Christian sources. For information on this matter, please read this.

How can Ergun explain all the conversions that happened in Makkah? How cane he explain the huge number of people who came to Islam peacefully during the final years of the life of prophet Muhammad (pbuh)? Based on Ergun's history, we can understand why he needs to come up with this garbage.

"Viewed men as superior to women.(Surah 4:34)"

Men and women are not totally equal by nature. Islam teaches that men and women are equal but different, please consult this and this.

"Did not know his eternal destiny.(Hadith 5.266)"

Please reading this article by Bassam Zawadi.

"He is the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe,Himself Judge.(John 1:1-18) "

A man (a creation) created the universe?

This topic is very huge and subjected to extreme debate, so I will recommend the reader to check out the argument online, and I personally recommend watching this debate on the topic of the trinity, it is very educational.

"Muhammed shed other people’s blood." 

Muhammad (pbuh) never went to war or order the death of certain individuals without a valid reason, if "shedding blood" is a problem for Ergun why does accept the Old Testament and its God ?


Ergun claims that he was taught to refute the Christians and their arguments against Islam at his Madrassa. If this were true, he would not be presenting such weak and classical arguments.

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