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Response to: Ergun's Message to Liberty University (14th April 2010)

Due to all the problems surrounding Ergun Caner, with YouTube videos, with, with facebook pages and with various blog posts against his name, he has attempted to win back support by sending the following message:

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The above message is a screen shot of the actual message sent around the University to the faculty staff.

my thoughts


I have been told that recently you received a mass email from a Muslim, attacking me, and including links to his pay YouTube site.

No, not an attack. Attacking is wrong. Making the truth apparent and exposing a liar for who he really is, is not an attack. Why is Ergun making it seem like he is some sort of a victim in all of this? The only one guilty of attacking is none other than Ergun Caner himself. This could all have been easily avoided if he did not lie about his past. Why would he tell everybody he was in training to become a soldier when really he wasn’t? Why would he tell everybody he was in training to carry out attacks similar to that of 9/11? Why would he tell everybody he would dress in traditional Arab garments even though pictures make it clear that he was your average American boy? And the list continues.

For those of you who have been around here a while, you have seen such things before, involving any number of people at Liberty. I think I received one the first week I came on campus.

That one wasn’t from me. I have only known about him since early 2009. I would love to hear from any Muslim who was aware of Ergun’s fraudulence pre-2009. 

Nonetheless, I am sorry that you have been “dragged into” this. You are seeing a portion of the life I have to live, sadly.

He wouldn’t have to live like this if he hadn’t lied for the past 10 years. Ergun constantly reiterates that he has been preaching about Islam ever since he became a Christian but nobody listened to him until after 9/11. Surely some videos/audios or writings of Ergun before his father’s death would be available for all to see? He doesn't even have amateur videos? Or was he taken under the wing of anti-Islamic evangelical "Christians" to pose as an expert merely because he is of half Turkish descent? That would explain why he has somehow memorised the citations of many so called “controversial” segments from the Qur’an and Ahadith but lacks the ability to demonstrate the fundamental aspects that all Muslims are aware of.. Do you not find it funny that he only decided to lie about everything after the death of his father? Do you not think if his father were alive, that his father would object to the lies Ergun has been uttering for the past 10 years? Maybe his father would have exposed him for us?

Most of you know my younger brother, Emir. He is President of Truett-McConnell College, one of the Baptist schools in Georgia. We have faced this type of vitriol for most of our lives. Perhaps recently it has gotten worse, since some Christians (who are no fans of LU, or Dr Falwell) have now joined in the attacks.

I like Christians who do not blindly support him because of his Christian faith. Furthermore, Ergun should stop using the word "attacks". I am not attacking, is anyone else?

I never thought I would see the day when alleged “Christians” join with Muslims to attack converts.

Alleged “Christians”? This is Ergun telling those Christians who acknowledge his lies that they aren’t really Christians. I suppose in Ergun’s eyes, anybody who disagrees with him is not considered a Christian. He is just making it seem like we have made these videos to discredit him because he is a “convert” – that is not true. He is a liar, so he shall be exposed, nothing more.

In fact, it has gotten so bad that they procured or hired someone to go to the courthouse in Columbus, Ohio, to get copies of our parents’ separation, divorce and appeal papers. The purpose of this was to “expose” us as frauds.

Yeah, and they did. Those papers proved that his mother was not in agreement with the Islamic faith which directly contradicts the statements he has been making regarding his mother being a Sufi Muslim or a Wahhabi Muslim. The papers together with the images of him with his mother in 1989, show that he was not disowned by his family and left as a “Church Orphan with one shoe and one sock” (she supposedly became a Christian in 1991 + she liked the idea of the children not being raised into the Islamic faith). The papers show that his father was not a “Wahhaabi” as he says him & his family were on several occasions. The papers show that he was brought up in a broken family which left the Caner brothers lingering in the midst of a war between the parents of opposite faiths and that during their very early years, their mother reluctantly allowed the children to attend the Mosque with their father.

They wanted to prove that we were not former Muslims. They have actually posted these documents online.

No, the Christians who posted these documents agree with him that he is a former Muslim, they just disagree that he was a devout one, whilst the Muslims already acknowledged him as a fake after watching his testimonies and sermons. I will write a post on whether Ergun Caner is a real ex-Muslim in the very near future and hopefully it will put the reality of the situation into perspective.

What they ended up doing was proving that we were, in fact, Muslims. 

No, the court papers shows that Ergun Caner’s father fought for the right to raise the children into the Islamic faith, who was there to ensure that this condition was implemented? Were they not mostly in the custody of their non-Muslim mother who disagreed with the children being Muslims? Wow, they went to the Mosque sometimes when they were very young, what does that mean? We have many people here in London who were forced to go to the Church when they were very young, as soon as they had the ability to do so, they abandoned the Church and now live a life of Atheism, Agnosticism, in fact, some are now practising Muslims! Are these people now ex-Christians too? even though they did not believe in Christianity in the first place?

The court papers showed that (1) we are immigrants,

Yes, that is right, but from Sweden, not Turkey or Saudi Arabia, or Lebanon or Egypt.

(2) we were Muslims,

No, they merely had a father who was a Muslim.Judging from the pictures, he probably wasn't even as devout as Ergun makes it out,

Ergun's father was a smoker,

he celebrated birthdays (us devout Muslims of the methodology which he says his father was do not celebrated birthdays),

he had no beard (every Muslim of the Sunnah knows that it is a commandment of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to keep a beard and trim the moustache),

he did not keep his trousers raised above his ankles (us devout Muslims of the methodology which he says his father was keep our trousers above our ankles)

in my opinion, his father looks more like a businessman who moved from Turkey to Sweden to seek a better lifestyle and later moved to America in order to ensure his children attain well paid and high profile jobs. 

(3) our father was so devout that he demanded that the court order that we continue to be raised Muslim,

Yeah, but why is the question of Ergun and Emir being devout being ignored even though they claimed to have been devout Muslims? I have no doubt that Ergun’s father was a Muslim, may Allah grant him a place in paradise. But if I had a father who just so happened to be a devout Christian, that does not necessarily mean I am also a devout Christian.

(4) they he wanted visitation on the Eids [Muslim holy days],

So? I know “Muslims” who have erroneously married non-Muslims and live the most un-Islamic life you could imagine and even their children come around on Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha, does that mean the father and children are devout Muslims too?

(5) that we were Turkish citizens and would become American citizens from our Turkish papers, and (6) that our father still had property, money and furniture back in Turkey.

So? We know his father was from Turkey, what does that prove?

In fact, some of you may have known Jamal Jivanjee, who graduated from Liberty a few years ago. He was saved out of the same Islamic Center, on East Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio. Jamal is now a Christian speaker, and the executive director of Illuminate.

Ergun has just made himself another problem here by mentioning Jamal. For those of you who do not know Jamal, he was raised by a Shia father of Indian descent whilst his mother was a Catholic. He later embraced Christianity. The funny thing is, if Jamal was a Shia, what on earth was he doing at the Islamic Center in Columbus, Ohio which according to Ergun, was a “training centre” for Sunni Muslims? That’s like seeing Protestant children being sent to the Bible study classes of Catholics?! Or was Ergun’s father actually a Shia too?  

The irony is, Jamal knew us as Muslims, because we went to the same Mosque, prayed in the same prayer room, and was taught in the same classrooms as we were. In fact, his family rented an apartment from our father!

So Jamal must be totally aware of all the lies Ergun has spoken too.

Regardless of how this ended up backfiring on them,

Not really, because everything presented contradicts the statements he has been making out in the public, thus he has been exposed as a liar and a fraud. The only backfiring taking place is that many Christians are now looking into the faith of Islam because of the lies he has spoken. People like Ergun are on many occasions, one of the reasons as to why people embrace Islam.

you can imagine the horror of having your entire life up online, for the joy and derision of others, especially those who should know better.

Ergun has been making claims that are so clearly untrue, and his reluctance to speak on the issues gave those who attained the legal documents no choice but to investigate his claims. Him constantly editing and deleting statements he has made on his YouTube, Facebook and personal website does not help the situation either.You can imagine the horror of seeing a man stand up on stage and lie about your faith whilst also lying about once having being a devout adherer to your faith, and then using his dishonesty as a means of verifying all the lies he speaks.

Again, I apologize you had to be bothered with these skirmishes.
If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to write me back.

He never replied to my questions, why is he able to reply to non-Muslims, possibly to mislead them into thinking that all of his lies are merely slip ups and mistakes?

If you wish to see the rebuffing of this Muslim's arguments, I have answered his claims individually and placed it in a handout. We scoured all ten videos he uploaded, and prepared answers to his objections. Feel free to come by office and pick up a copy.

Wow, I would love to see this sheet. I sincerely ask Ergun Caner to send me a copy of this sheet, I would very interested in reading it. All 10 videos? Even before the legal documents came to light there were a total of 14 videos, there are currently 17. Do you not find this tactic of Ergun’s rather humorous? Why does he not respond directly to the one accusing him rather than only to the very people who constantly give him the benefit of the doubt?


We can evidently see Ergun trying to win back the trust of those people close to him. However, he does not explain why he lied about almost everything he says, the lies that are the foundation of his “authenticity” and “expertise”. This message is merely a sympathy vote to make it seem as though the Muslims and Christians (the ones who know he is a fraud) are attacking him for no reason and hurting his feelings. Maybe Ergun can show us the groups of Muslims who he says have been attacking “for most” of his life”?

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