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Response to - Ergun's Justificatin Regarding His Age (16 or 18?)

Ergun Caner says he converted in 1982, this meant that he was 16 when he supposedly converted. However, Ergun then went on to say that he was 18 when he converted, which is a clear contradiction in his story. Surely one must remember the day they get "saved" and not get mixed up about it by a whole 2 years! Especially when they day he got saved was one day after his 16th birthday. For full information regarding this error please go here . Ergun has made comments regarding this error. It can be found below.

Statement by Ergun Caner

Whilst Ergun had an exchange of messages with a person on facebook, this was his response regarding the matter of 16 or 18:

"1. Whether saved at 16 or 18- it does not matter. My brothers and I all share the same testimony. We were raised Muslim. Devout Sunni.
2. The people who led us to Jesus Christ? They are still alive. They were there. The people in our church? Still alive. They were there. The pastor and his wife? Still alive.

There will never be a time to answer these silly and infantile men, because they have no arguments."


Ergun seems to think that it does not matter whether he was 16 or 18 at the time of his supposed conversion to Christianity. The reason Ergun is using this tactic is because it is impossible for him to dodge his way around the difference of two years.

I can almost certainly promise you that if the difference were only one year (i.e. Ergun said 16 and 17), he would say “I was just roughly mentioning how old I was”.

Any Ergun fans that see this error as insignificant, are indeed ignorant. Ergun’s conversion story is clearly showing loop holes which unquestionably detriments his authenticity. I strongly urge any fan of Ergun Caner to use the brain that God has given them and seriously re-consider the sources they rely on for knowledge of Islam.

Furthermore, Ergun's statement:

"There will never be a time to answer these silly and infantile men, because they have no arguments" 

doesn't shock me at all. Ergun Caner has an amazing ability to brush aside one of the most obvious discprencies in his conversion story.

How could the difference of 2 years not be considered an argument? and yet he states that "there will NEVER be a time to answer these SILLY and INFANTILE men".

If I was an Ergun Caner fan, I would want to know why he can make such a major error about the most memorable day of his life. Particularly when this day was one day after his 16th birthday.

What's more interesting is how Ergun picks segments of the Qur'an and Hadith out of context (excluding the things he made up) and then has the nerve to say that Islam is in error. So Ergun's error of the 2 year difference is seen as nothing, but his purposely distorted intrepretation of the Qur'an and Hadith are considered as major errors.

A simple word in the English language for this - Hypocrisy.

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