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Response to Associated Press about Ergun's demotion (July 28th 2010)
As you are all probably aware, the "committee" at Liberty University who were supposed to be investigating the situation have come up with a decision. The decision was that his presidency contract will not be renewed on the 30th June 2010 and he has taken up the opportunity to continue at Liberty University as professor. I was contacted once again by the Associated Press regarding the decision. The reason for publishing the question and answer is because the press usually completely misunderstand what I have said and subsequently, misrepresent my view. I will be writing a post regarding the decision in the very near future (after Liberty University release an official statement of their decision). 
Question from The Associated Press
From: "Breen, Tom" <>
To: <>
Subject: RE: Question from The Associated Press
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2010 13:07:47 -0400

Mr. Khan,
By now, you have probably seen that Ergun Caner will no longer be the president of the seminary at Liberty University, although he will remain as a professor. Is this a satisfactory outcome in your opinion? Do you think Liberty should have done something differently? And do you feel vindicated that the inquiry seems to have affirmed the conclusions you drew about Caner's background?

Tom Breen
Associated Press Writer
office: 919-510-8937


From:  "" <>
To:  "Breen, Tom" <>
Subject:  RE: Question from The Associated Press
Date:  Sat, 26 Jun 2010 13:41:29 -0700
Mr Breen,

What they have basically said is that it is okay to be compulsive liar and a professor, but it isn't okay to be a compulsive liar and a president of a seminary. If this were a University here in England, he would been removed with immediate effect. I guess Universities in America work differently; there seems to be vast elements of corruption down there; which is not setting a very good example for a university that claims to produce "champions of christ".

In all honesty, I do not beleive that a fair investigation was carried out. I think that maybe this so called committee
were probably having meetings with Ergun on how to overcome this issue. So what they agreed was to admit some errors, brush them off like they are nothing, allow him to keep a job as a professor and then just carrry on like nothing has happened. I bet he still has the same office and desk. He will probably get a promotion back to president in a year so.

They didn't address any issues though. And the remark of there being no evidence suggesting that Caner was not a Muslim is laughable. I still await any justification from Ergun regarding the issues raised. It's not the 30th yet, so maybe they do plan to release some sort of statement?

Nonetheless, as I stated before, the spread of Islam will not be harmed in any way. Ergun staying means he will continue to teach falsehood and us Muslims will inevitably be given more opportunities to respond to his false teachings that are instilled into his students and the masses to whom he preaches.

Regards, Mohammad M Khan


I apologise for spelling mistakes and missing words.

I will write a detailed post regarding the decision after the University publish an official statement about their decision. Maybe they have already released one but I am not yet aware?

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