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Response to - Ergun's Justification Regarding The Prophet Bahruch
Ergun Caner stated in an interview that Muslims believe in a Prophet by the name of Bahruch, this is completely wrong. For information regarding this error please go here.Ergun tried to justify his error by publishing a rather humorous justification onto his facebook account. He also mentioned this mistake in an exchange of messages with another Muslim. All of this information can be found below.
Ergun Caner - Statement 1

The following is an article that Ergun published on the discussions section of his facebook account (before he closed it):



The short answer is 124,000, as most Muslims know. The Quran only lists 25, and the most controversial citation is either Alexander the Great.

So, who are the remaining 123.975? Could they be guys named Bob, Steve or Baruch? Most assuredly.

Muhammed stole most of his ideas from the Bible,

so you can start with the characters therein-

Here is the Islamic article, for further information:

Ergun Caner - Statement 2

The following is what Ergun mentioned to a Muslim in a small exchange of messages on his facebook account (before he closed it):

And Baruch? Islam has 124,000 prophets at least, according to the Hadith. Are they seriously going with that? One evening I took 15 minutes to see what they were saying.


Ergun Caner is 100% correct when he says that there were 124,000 Prophets as stated in an authentic narration.

Ergun Caner is also 100% correct in saying that 25 of these Prophets are mentioned in the Qur’an by name.

However, Ergun Caner is 100% incorrect in saying that Bahruch was a Prophet. The simple reason for this is that Bahruch is not named in that list 25.

When it comes to the issue of saying who is and isn't from amongst the Prophets, it only makes sense to mention the Prophets that were included in that list of 25.

For anybody to say that so and so is a Prophet without that particular name being listed in that 25, is delibarately spreading falsehood amongst the people OR he has no clue about a fundamental Islamic topic - "Prophets".

Saying that this random person by the name of Bahruch is a Prophet based merely on assumption is totally wrong.

It is the equivalent of saying that Abraham Lincoln was a Prophet which is of course totally absurd.

But according to Ergun’s logic, it is okay to say that Abraham Lincoln was a Prophet because the remaining 123,975 Prophets are not named. Is this logical?

The reality of the situation is that Ergun Caner was not a Muslim, he did not say this because he assumed Bahruch was a Prophet, rather he said it genuinely thinking that Bahruch was a real Prophet in Islam.

Ergun Caner clearly has incorrect knowledge of Islam and tries ever so hard to pose himself as an ex-Muslim but fails to do so which is clearly evident by the vast number of errors in everything he says.

If there is no error in what Ergun Caner said about Bahruch being a Prophet, then the question must be asked, why did the John Ankerberg Show feel the need to edit this mistake out?

Surely if what Ergun Caner said was either correct or justifiable, then there would be no need to remove it from the interview, right?

If it were not for an innocent Christian who had already uploaded the video before the edit, this clear-cut error would never have been found out. Imagine what other errors have been made but edited out before anybody could see . . . .

In addition to all of this, if you click on the link which Ergun Caner referred to, you will see that it is a random website made by a random person.

So the further question must be asked – why is Ergun Caner the self-proclaimed scholar using random websites made by unknown people in order to acquire his information? The answer to this is obvious – Ergun Caner is not a scholar, rather he too is one of these haters of Islam that exist today.

Shouldn’t Ergun Caner's knowledge of Islam come from his experiences that he had “when he was a Muslim” and not random websites made by any Bob, Steve, Bill or even Abraham Lincoln?

Furthermore, the statement:

"Are they seriously going with that? One evening I took 15 minutes to see what they were saying"

is merely a diversion tactic to make the issue sound so insignificant that people will see it as nothing.

This error is not insignificant, it is major.

There is no Prophet in Islam by the name of Bahruch, Ergun Caner just tried to blag his way through his interview by making up any random stuff off the top of his head like he usually does.

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