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Responding to Ergun Caner's Resources/Arguments                                         

Fake ex Muslim Ergun Michael Caner has demonstrated his ignorance of Islam and Islamic terms on several occasions, the case is closed and the verdict is out, Ergun Caner is a fraud; this article series is going to provide more evidence to support this fact from the Resource PDF's published on his website.

The contents of these documents are a summary of all of his "teachings" about Islam. You will notice that most of what he says about Islam in his speeches actually come from these documents. 

This article series will demonstrate how his publications are not only full of misquotations and factual errors but also anti-Islamic propaganda. Most of the errors and arguments in these PDFs would not be made by former Muslims since they actually know the Qur'an and what it teaches, unlike Ergun and Emir Caner.

Some of these PDFs are published on John Ankerberg's website here; this shows that Mr. Ankerberg has no interest in publishing facts, rather he is interested in spreading false propaganda. This is the same person who sought to have the mokhan247 YouTube channel terminated.

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