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Response to SBC Today (2nd April 2010)

The SBCTODAY team have published an article as a “response” to the current situation regarding Ergun Caner’s lies and fraudulence. I have to be honest by saying I am not entirely sure who these SBC people are, I do not know who runs it, I do not know very much about them at all, all I know is that they are staunch supporters of Ergun Caner, despite all the evidence I have compiled.

The following is my response to what was said within their post, particularly focussing on what was said about me.  You can see their entire post here:

My writings are in black, whereas their writings will be in red:

For several weeks a few minions have been trying to go after a Christian brother. In doing so the words of our Lord pertaining to conduct have been tossed aside by the ego driven vitriol of a few with nothing better to do with their time and so called calling than to attack a brother in Christ.

This paragraph really made me laugh.  If Ergun Caner is a liar (which he is) then what is the harm in exposing him for who he really is? This paragraph is suggesting that “the words of our Lord pertaining to conduct” have been breached merely because we have exposed a liar. This is merely a disguised form of saying that the Christians should look beyond the lies of Ergun Caner and just carry on believing him anyway. I cannot speak on behalf of other Christians who are striving to shed light upon Ergun’s true background, but I personally am not attacking Ergun Caner. Just because I publish a video explaining his faults, lies and misleading’s does not mean that I am attacking him. The only individual I am aware of that is attacking anybody is Ergun Caner himself – not only is he attacking individuals, but he is attacking nearly 25% of the world’s population by lying about us on a daily basis, is that how Christians are supposed to deliver the Gospel to the Muslims? By lying about us? By saying you will debate Muslims anytime, but then when contacted by Muslims you runaway and hide? Whoever has written the statement on the SBCToday blog, is indeed guilty of possessing a corrupt mentaility. He is basically asking you to condone the act of lying

Even as I write these words I catch myself being tempted to stoop down to their level. Surely my flesh would love to do so.

As far as this statement is concerned, Ergun Caner is the only one guilty of resorting to extremely low levels of conduct. What does this individual mean when he says “stoop down to their level”? Does he not consider the fact that everything myself and others have said about Ergun are based upon the words and writings of Ergun Caner himself? What I present is based upon truth, whereas the majority of what Ergun says are flat out lies, whether it be lies about his own upbringing or whether it be lies about Islam, who is the one guilty of stooping to low levels? For example, Ergun lying about having debated Shabir Ally. How low of a level can you stoop to than to say you debated somebody in order to make yourself seem like someone great? I had the privelage of welcoming Shabir Ally into London last night, I spoke with him personally and he laughed whilst saying he doesn't understand how Ergun Caner has debated him?! He also laughed at the idea of Ergun Caner saying that he had passed away. Is this what the writer means by stooping to low levels? 

I know what it is like to live in a glass house. I understand the deep concerns for family safety and the tiring task of being beat upon daily while not being able to swing back in self defense at all. I feel the pain that my brother feels and yet I know that even I in my empathy can do very little to assist.

I am tired of Ergun Caner saying his life and his family’s lives are under threat, and that he has had fatawa (religious rulings) for his head (meaning for him to be killed). He must be saying this same nonsense to these people too. I would love to see these so called fatawa that Ergun Caner always refers to!  

We Muslims do NOT want to kill Ergun, we don’t care that he is a Christian, but what bothers us is that he is using his false and extremely exaggerated upbringing as a means of verifying all the lies he speaks about Islam, Muslims and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He must stop doing this and I will continue to point out his errors and lies for as long as he continues to demonise us through the means of false speech.

Any pain Ergun is feeling right now, is self-inflicted. Curing the pain is easy – admit you are a liar, yes it is that easy! But I don't think Ergun is willing to sacrifice his fame and fortune for the truth, he is clearly in favour of lying.

People such as James White and the infamous FBC Watchdog are minions that will in all likely hood never go away.

Why should they go away? Where is the response to the lies and errors I have raised? Did you wish that it will all just go away if you ignore it for a while? No, of course it will not go away. I cannot speak for the people mentioned above, but I most certainly am not going away until this issue is rectified – and the only way I believe this issue can be resolved is if Ergun publicly apologises firstly to the Muslims for lying about us on a daily basis, then to all the students and staff of Liberty University for intentionally misleading them and finally to ALL of the Christians he has lied to and deliberately misled.

What sort of a person claims to be confrontational with Muslims but when asked to live up to his words, he runs away? A coward.

Ergun is a man who encourages confrontation, he "has had 61 debates" afterall, so why doesn’t he live up to the picture he has drawn of himself?

They are the cross that many will have to bear. One day Jesus will make all things revealed and their sorrow and shame will be upon them.

Firstly, God will reveal all things, not Jesus (pbuh). Secondly, the only ones that will be left in sorrow and shame in this regard are the ones who condone lying.

The Internet has allowed people to spill their garbage.

Yes, I agree, Ergun Caner’s words are garbage.

I wonder what could be accomplished if we all took the time invested in Internet fluff and instead served the Lord with all our hearts, energy and creativity. Much could be accomplished in and for the Kingdom for sure.

What he means here is that Christians should blindly follow false preachers like Ergun Caner and ignore the information that is presented even though it is correct. Turn a blind eye so to speak.

What actually makes me laugh is when I read that these minions have the audacity to think that emailing and calling leadership of one's employment will actually result in some type of public response. This type of activity is not new.

I must admit, I sent e-mails to the Liberty University staff with a link to But why not? If they don’t know that their president of the seminary is a fraud, then someone ought to let them know.

The ability for anyone to make videos (alter and or pick apart) has added to the picture.

Not sure what he means by “alter and pick apart”, maybe he is implying I have manipulated the videos? Like those people who accused me of using soundboards, or even worse – somebody accused me of using an actor who makes up these lies on purpose in order to make the real Ergun look bad!!! Yes, I know, it is very funny.

God has provided this new technology as a means of spreading the Gospel. Yet today we discover that Satan is alive and well in leading us astray to use that meant for good to showcase our sinful natures and total misuse of time, energy and creativity.

If time, energy and creativity is used to bring the truth to light, then I believe that it has all been very well utilised.

There is absolutely nothing new being brought to light concerning Dr. Ergun Caner.

Does this mean that they already knew he is a liar and a fraud?

True indeed is the fact that minions like James White and Mohammad will stop at nothing in their desire to bring harm to the ministry that God has called him to.

Wrong! I do not want to bring harm to the “ministry that God has called him to”, neither do I want to harm Ergun Caner. All I want is for the truth to be apparent. If the truth means that Ergun’s credibility will go down then so be it. Whose fault is that? Not mine.

Why do these people try so hard to defend a man who is so clearly a liar? If anything, these indivudals should disassociate themselves from Ergun Caner, because by standing up for him in spite of his lying – all they are doing is detrimenting their own credibility.

For the life of me how can anyone not see the ridiculous of Mr. White questioning the integrity of Dr. Caner while failing to admit himself that his "doctor degrees" are non accredited.

If the person mentioned above also possesses degrees from non accredited institutions, then that is also a very serious matter. However, that is the not the matter in question. Besides, Ergun Caner lied about having a Ph.D which he does not have, I don’t recall the person mentioned above doing the same thing.

This is not a major issue accept for the fact that the history of the school has been questioned and Mr. White obviously fails to understand that Dr. Caner had to undergo a major screening to fill the position he now has.

Wow, that major screening must have been something. 

How ridiculous is it that a Muslim man who has been out to destroy Dr. Caner is now being linked to and advises Christians......

So? I said it before, and I say it again, if my information is correct and verifiable then there is nothing with the source of the information! Whether it be a Muslim or a Christian. And no, I am not out to destroy Ergun Caner, I am out to destroy the lies he speaks – there is a difference. Or in Ergun's own words "I attack lies" (he said this in the Winter Xtreme of 2008 or 2009).

Many errors mentioned on are to do with Islamic beliefs and practises, so if a Christian needs something explained in order for them to comprehend the seriousness of the error then the best person to ask would be a Muslim who follows Islam - so I happily advise Christians and I will continue to do so. I’m sorry to say, but the writer suffers from delusional disorder.

...while his error of faith goes without question and his eternal life is destined for Hell.

Likewise, Allah says in the Qur’an They do blaspheme who say: Allah is one of three in a Trinity: for there is no god except One Allah. If they desist not from their word (of blasphemy), verily a grievous penalty will befall the blasphemers among them.

Does that mean I ignore your information even though it is correct? No, of course not. What the writer would love to see is that all the Christians involved stop focussing on the lies of Ergun Caner and rather turn their attention to the “evil” source of information who is "purposely" causing problems amongst the Christian communities.

I guess Mr. White and a few others fail to realize that Christians are to be separate from the evil ones.

This statement really triggered my attention.

Has the writer not seen Ergun Caner’s testimonies?

When Ergun Caner gives his testimonies, he always says “I was a Surah 5 Muslim. When Ergun says this, he is referring to the verse in the Qur’an which says:

5:51 O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends: They are but friends to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them is of them. Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust.

This ayah can easily be explained because it does not actually mean what it outwardly appears to mean based upon the translation. You can read about this here.

My point here is, Ergun sits there mocking Islam, telling everybody how Islam is “harsh” and “intolerant” by quoting the above verse,

but now here we have a staunch supporter of Ergun propagating a notion similar to that which Ergun makes a mockery of Islam. In simple English, the writer is a hypocrite and clearly possesses double standards.  How can Ergun intend to make Islam seem bad by saying the Qur'an prohibits friendship with Christians when his own people are teaching the same thing (and with an element of greater hatred by referring to us as "evil")?

I know that the counter attacks to this post will call me hypocritical and more.That is the way it works these days. One group is free to attack while the other group is presumed guilty and must repent.

I am not attacking. I want answers and more importantly, we want an apology.

How sad is the logic in that. How sad is the person who thinks that by doing some internet research that is old news is now out of nowhere NEW?

So Ergun being a fraud is old news?

Why do Liberty University not do anything about it then?

If I were a Christian and I knew that the seminary was run by a fraud, I would never send my children there. However, if the University stands up for truth and removes the illness within their system, the credibility of the University will become even higher than it already is. Liars, cheats and frauds should not be tolerated, especially when it comes to the education of the youth! What kind of an example is that setting?

How sad is it that people who are lost will read once again of Christians attacking other Christians?

Unlike the writer, there are many unbiased people around the world who will not see this as an attack of Christians against other Christians, rather, they will see it for what it really is - truth VS falsehood.

Christian blogging should be more than this. Our conduct as Christians should be better than this.

Say that to Ergun.

What kind of conduct allows you to lie about your upbringing in order to intentionally mislead the masses? And Yes, Christians (Ergun) should be much better than this

I will close by saying this to Dr. Ergun Caner. The road may be filled with pot holes and cracks. Do not worry. Do not let your flesh and the pain it feels become your focus. The minions will have their day! You have a ministry that is fruitful and God ordained. Stick to it and keep doing what you have been called to do.

The pot holes and cracks were ALL made by Ergun Caner himself. The phrase “you reap what you sow” comes to mind.

The demise of Christian blogging is not your worry. The lost who need to hear of Jesus and His payment for their sins are your priority.

If that is his priority, it will help if he doesn’t lie about us. How does he expect to reach us with the “truth” if he is lying about us non-stop? The writer is completely oblivious to what is actually going on.

Your family will be fine and your ministry will flourish. You sir are in great company with men like Rogers, Vines, Falwell and more.

I don’t know these people who he mentioned, but if they are okay with the propagation of their faith through the means of lying, they are not to be trusted.

Stay the course as these men did and let God have His way with the minions.

And Ergun, one more thing - I think it was a great gesture on your part to honor your father by using his name in yours. Funny how people just don't stop and think about what is right in front of their own eyes.

This is very funny. Let me remind the writer what Ergun said on his Q&A of July 2009:

Ergun Caner writes: “Ah yes, one of my “fans.” We do have a number of them. I have heard about some of them, and usually I laugh these things off. With a name like mine, you would think someone would recognize I am Turkish! And, since Emir and I write under our real names (, we have had every possible malicious attack thrown at us. So, this is no bother. Plus, we have addressed this in virtually every book we have written. Enjoy!”

Reading that segment above,

does Ergun using the name Mehmet (his fathers middle name) imply that he uses the name in honour of his father?

or does he use it as a means of proving his “Islamic upbringing”?

After all, it wouldn’t sound very good if an ex Muslims name is “Ergun Mehmet Miguel Giovanni Caner” would it? (Don’t ask about the Giovanni, I heard Ergun say that this is his FULL name once).

Furthermore, what exactly does Ergun mean he says that they address this issue in every book they have written? I have a copy of the "best-selling" Unveiling Islam, I don't see this issue being dealt with anywhere

If they write under their real names, then why is it that an official document of Ergun has his name as Ergun Michael Caner? So has he given a false name to the authorities but writes his "real" name only on his books? Come on man, that's just stupid!

So much for Ergun’s “I have never intentionally misled anyone” from his February 25th Statement.



I don't really have a conclusion, I just want to say that I look forward to seeing how a well known America University deal with liars.

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