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Clarification of The Tenessean Article (18th May 2010)
At the start of May, I was contacted by The Tenessean. They wanted to ask a few questions regarding Ergun Caner in preparation for an article regarding the current controversy. Just this morning, they published their article which can be found here.

It seems as though that yet again, my points as to why Ergun Caner is a fraud  has been presented as the "pronunciation" issue. If one were to read my replies to the person asking questions you would see that that the emphasis of my response was on Ergun's factual errors rather than the way he says things. The only time I mentioned Ergun's inability to say things properly was when I was asked "How did you become aware of Dr. Caner? What drew your attention?". 

I don't understand why the article did not mention how Ergun makes factual errors regarding Islamic beliefs and practises and rather merely mentioned that I say he can't say things properly. Maybe to make my side of the arguments seem weak?

questions i was asked
Hi Mohammad:

1) Can I get some basic background info on your-- where you live, what
your occupation is?

2) How did you become aware of Dr. Caner? What drew your attention?

3) What specific issues made you doubt his story?

4) What are some specific mistakes that Dr. Caner has made that prompts
you to doubt his story?

5)  Can you detail the sources on the videos posted on your website?
my response

I was born in London, England, which is where I have lived for my whole life. I am a 22 year old student preparing to commence the final year of my degree course in Computing at a London University. If it hasn?t already been made clear ? I am a Muslim.

I watched Ergun?s 30 minute testimony and assumed he was just another anti-Islamic hate preacher trying to get famous by demonising Muslims with his discriminative and racist approach to his preaching. I never comprehended how popular he is until I began to search his videos would literally get hundreds of results. Many Christians had uploaded videos of Ergun Caner on YouTube with the hope of guiding Muslims to Christianity, little did they know that the things Ergun and Emir Caner were saying would quite literally make us laugh. What people need to understand is that we Muslims know our faith ? so when a person comes along claiming to have once been a devout Muslim and then lies about our faith, we can spot it a mile away. Another thing which drew my attention was Ergun?s filthy use of words such as Sand Monkey, Sand Nigger, Towel Head, Camel Jockey etc. Here in England, there is a comedy style of mocking certain races and cultures, however,  this mocking is justified because the person making the mockery is himself one of those who he is mocking ? so when I hear Ergun using these filthy racist terms used to describes Arabs whilst he himself is not an Arab  - it?s sickening.  He even told the youth at the Winter Xtreme of 2008 (or 2009) that it only ?matters what you answer to?, right after using several racist phrases ? is this not justifying the use of racism? Overall, the main things what drew my attention was Ergun?s lack of knowledge in Islam, his inability to say Islamic phrases properly despite his claim that he was a devout Muslim up until the age of 18 and his racist approach to delivering the Gospel.

This is a brief list some very serious issues:

1.      The most serious of all is the issue of the Shahada (declaration of faith). Many Christians fail to comprehend the enormity of this error that Ergun has made on no less than 3 occasions. For a full explanation, please go here. The Shahada is the first and most important pillar in Islam, it is very first thing a Muslim learns. All Muslims across the globe know the Shahada, however, when Ergun attempts to say the Shahada, he unknowingly recites a portion of the Qur?an that is NOT the Shahada. This is not an issue of pronunciation, the emphasis is on what he says, not how he says it.

2.      Along with not knowing the Shahada, Ergun constantly reiterates that the Islamic month of Ramadan during which we fast from dawn until dusk is a 40 day month. This particular fast is one of the five pillars of Islam, Ergun claims to have fasted during Ramadan, but he does not know how many days are within the month! Ramadan is a lunar month consisting of no more than 30 days, if he was a Muslim who fulfilled his duties ? why is it that he is unable to tell people how many days are within the month of Ramadan? You can read a full explanation here. Which lunar month has 40 days?

3.      I began to realise the many discrepancies regarding the dates the Caner brothers claim to have converted, I then began to look into the archived versions of their website and realised that both Ergun and Emir are guilty of editing their websites in order to cover up their apparent error. You can see this here.

4.      When Ergun mentioned the names of some Prophets who we as Muslims believe in, he mentioned a name of a person who we Muslims have never even heard of. After seeking the original video, I realised that the editors of the John Ankerberg show had erased this segment from the interview. The unedited version was available on YouTube for all to see. You can see this here.

5.      Ergun claims he is 100% Turkish but within his testimonies, he would call his father Ab?ee. In Turkish, Ab?ee is a respectable way of addressing your older brother. What kind of Turk refers to his father as his brother? You can see this here.

6.      Ergun claims that Arabic was his language before English, whilst on some other occasions he states that Turkish is his mother tongue.  We can read on his FAQ which he has now deleted (but still availablehere) -

?The problem is, English is neither my first nor my second language. Sometimes it is really a struggle.?

?our mission work, going into countries where my language skills allow me to speak to various groups, and speaking in places that do not offer honorariums, such as prisons, mission groups, Arabic language fellowships, etc.?

The issue here is that whenever Ergun attempts to speak in any of these languages which he claims to be his first and second languages, he quite literally mumbles a load of nothingness and passes it off a foreign tongue in the presence of hundreds (if not thousands) of gullible people. Anybody who does this, is nothing but a con-artist. You can see more of this here and here. These are not the only two occasions he tries to pull off the same stunt, in my next video we will witness him attempt the same thing on three more occasions.

7.      I noticed he claims to have grown up in majority Muslim countries, whereas his book states that he was born in Sweden and then moved to America. Last time I checked, Sweden is not a majority Muslim country.

8.      I attained footage of Ergun lying by saying he was born in Turkey. He then exaggerated the lie by saying he also lived in Beirut and Cairo. You can see this here.

9.      I noticed that Emir Caner could not tell the difference between a Chapter of the Qur?an and a Verse of the Qur?an. He used the word ?Surah? (chapter) when referring to verses. You can see this here.

10.   I noticed that the Muslim Journey to Hope team who have recorded their testimonies used actors that did not reflect the real age of Emir Caner. Emir claims to have converted in 1982, at which point he was only 12 years old, and yet the producers of the show felt the need to use actors who were in their mid-twenties. You can see this here.

11.   Ergun who claims he is an ex devout Sunni Muslim confused eschatological doctrine of Sunni Muslims with that of those who refer to themselves as Shia, surely if Ergun was a devout Sunni Muslim, he would know the difference. You can see this here.

12.   As Muslims we pray five times a day. All Muslims on the earth know that the Islamic/Arabic phrase for daily prayers is ?Salah?. However, Ergun constantly (on no less than 4 separate occasions in Unveiling Islam alone) refers to ?Salah? as ?Rakats? ? this is incorrect. How can Ergun the ex devout Muslim who claims he prayed 5 times a day not know what his prayers were called? Surely if he performed these prayers like he says he did he would at least know what they were called! You can read about this issue here.

13.   He claims his mother dressed in Islamic clothing up until her conversion in 1991, and yet when I attainted photos of him with his mother in 1989 ? she is dressed like your average western lady. You can see this here. It was later revealed by a Christian who attained public records that his mother was opposed to the Islamic faith, thus ? not a Muslim.

14.   He intentionally misled people using pictures of facebook. You can see this issue here.

15.   He edited his website from saying Ph.D and D.Min to merely Th.D. You can see this issue here.

16.   He does not comprehend the meanings of two Islamic phrases that ALL Muslims in the world would be aware of. You can see this here. This one literally made me laugh.

All of the Islamic things are things which he as an ex Sunni Muslim of 18 years should know. Even Muslims at the age 5 or 6 understand these ? so what kind of Islamic upbringing did he have that disables him from knowing the fundamentals? I understand if he was merely a Muslim by name during his very early years because of his father's affiliation with the Islamic faith, but belief in Islam is not hereditary, rather, it is with conviction and understanding. The non-Islamic issues i.e. age, dates etc further detriment his credibility as an "ex Muslim".

Some additional points:

-        Ergun somehow memorises the so called ?controversial? issues in Islam but lacks the ability to remember the things which he claims to have believed for 18 years. This clearly demonstrates that his half Turkish heritage is being used as a tool by those who order him to do this, he merely learns these ?controversial? issues and then propagates them whilst using his ?ex Muslim? label as a verification of the lies he speaks. Even if we agree he was not a devout Muslim, what kind of Muslim does not know the Shahada? That?s like saying you were a Christian but you don?t know who Jesus (pbuh) is. Would an ?ex Christian? be considered an ex Christian if they lack the ability to demonstrate their previous beliefs? Clearly not. Hence the term ? ?fake ex Muslim?.

-        I have acquired many pictures of his childhood, and they do not conciliate with the picture who drew us of him and his family.

-        Ergun?s inability to answer my questions should concern those Christians who are under the impression that he is some sort of an Islamic expert ? he isn?t.

-        Not only does Ergun lie about his personal upbringing, he is also guilty of deliberate fabrications into the Islamic texts.

For example ? he tells people that we believe silly things for which there is no basis, such as:

o    ?Muhammad said? in order to identify a bossy woman before you marry her, check her second toe. If it is bigger than the big toe, then she will be bossy

o    if a man and wife are not intimate for 40 days, the marriage is automatically nullified

o    when Jesus returns, Muslims believe he will kill all the Christians and Jews

o    black peoples testimony does not equal to that of a non-black, he then went on to say that Muslims believe the devil is a black person.

o    his saying of ?I was a ?Jihadeen?, if I had reached the age to for my Hajj pilgrimage, I would have returned as ?MUJAHIDEEN??. You don?t understand the error here, but let?s just say he is making up stuff off the top of his head and it makes us laugh.

o    Plus many more

-        He claims to have debated Shabir Ally on no less than two occasions. Shabir Ally would not waste his time with such racist and discriminative speakers. I met Shabir Ally in London, one of the things we discussed whist going out was Ergun?s claim to have debated him ? he laughed and could not understand why Ergun would make up such a lie.

-        He does not show any regret of lying about his own mother of father and yet those who support him claim that he uses the name Mehmet in remembrance of his father.

-         He is the PRESIDENT of a THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY and I have witnessed him teaching incorrect basics not only about Islam, but also about Hinduism and Buddhism. If Hindus or Buddhists were aware of the things he gets mixed up regarding their beliefs and practises, they would be offended. So I am not quite sure how a person who lacks basic knowledge is a made a president

There are many other issues I have not mentioned.

-        I sent him some comments via Facebook pre-2009 explaining that I would love to meet him in person or speak with him over the phone. He deleted these comments before anybody could see them. Why would he want people to see them? After all, he claims he is ?built for confrontation? ? he fans would see him as a hypocrite. I also sent him a message back in July 2009 to which he did not respond. Ergun Caner does not do debates with Muslims in contrary to some articles that suggest he has debated 2 Muslims (in a 2 on 1 format) in the presence of thousands of people and contrary to the articles that suggest he has debated Islamic leaders in Mosques etc. He states that he is able to speak with Muslims about Christianity and he is able to Christians about Islam, whilst admitting he cannot do both at the same time. This is due to the reason that he acknowledges his lies, and by saying them in the presence of Muslims, he would be exposed for the dishonest person that he is. Why do you think he is always insistent of not advertising himself as a former Muslim? It?s not because of a ?death threats? or fear for his safety ? it?s because Muslims would show up and he would be exposed in the presence of his own people.

My goals in this Ergun Caner controversy are:

1.      To enable people to realise the low levels some people have resorted to in order to discredit Islam.

2.      To make those Christians who believe him understand that they are being constantly lied to.

3.      To make people laugh, after all, the things he says are very humorous for Muslims to watch (without negating the seriousness of the issue).

I cannot emphasise enough, that Ergun is not doing any harm to Islam or Muslims ? the people to who he is preaching these lies don?t like Islam anyway. However, it is my duty to help these gullible people understand that they are being lied to on a daily basis by a man who claims he is an expert ? he isn?t, he?s a con-artist. Funnily though, Ergun?s lies are backfiring, I know of many people who embrace Islam because of the lies of these anti-Islamic hate preachers ? the open-minded listeners go to verify the lies that are being said, they then read the Qur?an and find that they were being lied to and instead find a belief system which they acknowledge as being the true religion of God. I think it is very beneficial for the spread of Islam that Ergun remains in power at Liberty University, his falsehood arms his students with incorrect understandings of Islam ? so when these students approach Muslims with these falsehoods thinking they are ready to take us on, they will be gracefully corrected and not only will they realise Ergun lied to them, but they will understand Islam correctly. Thus ? two birds are killed with one stone - and they will understand the desperation of Ergun and his superiors to demonise Muslims in order to divert people who are yet to embrace Islam. With a statistic of 68,000 converts every 24 hours according to John Ankerberg, their desperation is understandable.

Speaking of John Ankerberg, he reported me to infringing copyright and YouTube removed one of my videos. You can read about that here.

With regards to your question of where you can locate the videos, I downloaded everything a long time ago and have seen each video/audio, they were all downloaded from YouTube, Google video and simple Google searches of the phrase ?Ergun Caner Download?, finding the actual links to each and every video would mean I have to go through the long process of searching everything again.

I apologise if there are any errors in what I have written, and if you need anything further explained, feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your time.

you can see for yourself

Look at my response to the questions and then look at which aspect of my response he drew attention to.....Why ignore the important segments and focus on pronunciation?

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