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Removal of Video on YouTube by John Ankerberg (28th April 2010)

On Tuesday morning I was welcomed with an e-mail from YouTube thinking it was one of the hundred or so I receive each week through commenting, shared videos, personal messages etc. I was wrong. This is what I received:

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You can read that I was reported by John Ankerberg himself for using videos of him interviewing Ergun and Emir Caner.

Why would Ergun and Emir’s fraudulence cause Mr. Ankerberg to report me for using his video whilst ignoring all of those other YouTube users who have used his videos too?

John Ankerberg refers to Ergun and Emir as 2 of the 4 most authoritative Christian scholars on the topic of Islam IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!

He would obviously not want the credibility of him and his show to be effected by two fraudsters who he has interviewed on more than one occasion and presented them as ex devout Muslims who “know all about Islam”.

In addition to the obvious reason, Emir Caner and John Ankerberg worked together to produce a very small series of books titled “The Truth”. The three books are:


In addition to these 3, John Ankerberg co-authored another book with John Weldon


If you think about it, all Muslims can spot the lies and mispresentation of Islam by Ergun and Emir a mile away, some Christians are beginning to realise this too. Not forgetting the blatant lies regarding their supposed Islamic upbringing.

So if John Ankerberg is in agreement with the likes of the Caner brothers, what does that say about anything he authors/says regarding the topic of Islam and Muslims?

The credibility of John Ankerberg and these books have without been hindered by the fraudulence of Ergun and Emir Caner, book sales may decrease and subsequently, less financial gain.

It is fairly obvious that there has been some sort of communication going on behind the scenes between the Caner brothers (or people who represent them) and John Ankerberg which has resulted in this copyright complaint.

Is there a group of liars hiding behind the facade of Christianity working together to carry out these serious fraudulent scams whilst making a mockery of real Christians?

What I find bizarre is – these people take the time to report people for making such videos, but they do not have time to respond to the allegations presented within them. This kind of approach reminds of TV dramas where a person is seen by somebody committing an evil action, and out of worry and fear of being found out– the person who was caught – decides to eliminate the “somebody” in order to prevent others from finding out the evil he committed.

These people don’t care that I used their videos, if this were really about copyright, why are all the other videos of John Ankerberg interviewing them still there on YouTube, and have remained for much longer than even my first video?

They don’t care about copyright; this is all about hiding the truth so they can continue doing what they do (lie and deceive).

John Ankerberg has done nothing other than harm himself by getting the video removed.

Measures are in place in the event of further videos being removed. All videos have been backed up and ready to re-upload whenever required. These people reporting videos to YouTube further shows that they do not deny what they are being accused of, thus they are harming their credibility even more than it already has been.

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