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The Affidavit of Ergun's Mother and The Wil of Ergun's Father (26 April 2010)

It is quite obvious by now that Ergun Caner and his brother Emir are con-artists. We have established that they have lied about their upbringing as though to paint a picture of being devout Muslims when really, they weren't. We have found discrepancies in their date of arrival and as demonstrated here, we concluded that Ergun moved to America from Sweden whilst being less than 4 but more than 2 years old (using the age difference between Ergun and his middle brother Erdem who was also born in Sweden).

A Christian has once again taken his time to attain more documents relating to the Caner brothers in order to understand the reality of their claims The documents available are:

1. The Affidavit of Ergun’s mother Monica

2.The will of Ergun’s father, Acar.

1. The Affidavit of Ergun's Mother

click here to view the document

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this document is that the word “arrangements” has been spelt incorrectly, not that that is of any importance, but oh well.

The key points we can learn from the Affidavit of Monica are:

1. She was afraid Acar was going to run away with the Caner brothers back to Turkey, leaving her behind. This is rather peculiar, the document is dated July 1975, at which point Ergun was less than 9 years. It is fairly evident (as shown in other posts) that Ergun and his brothers grew up in broken family where they did not actually have a true identity; they were caught in the midst of a war between their parents.

2. She confesses that Ergun’s father has been a resident of America for 6 years. With the Affidavit dated 31st July 1975, we can do a very small calculation by deducting 6 exact years from this date:

(31st July 1975) – (6 YEARS) = 31st July 1969

On 31st July 1969, Ergun Caner was 2 years and 7 months old. However, this information is NOT 100% accurate, because we do not know for certain whether the Affidavit refers to 6 exact years, or has merely rounded 5 years + X amount of months to 6.

Either way, we can conclude that Ergun was around 3 years old when he moved to America from Sweden which directly conciliates with what was stated in the video I published in early March 2010.

3. She claims that Acar forcefully tried to return to Turkey in the past (with the children). This once again demonstrates the chaos the Caner brothers were brought up in. If Monica is moaning about the past in 1975, it must have been pretty bad environment for the mere toddlers to be growing up in. Was there enough time to be taught about Islam with all this madness going on?

4. She says that she was in fear of her personal safety and of her children. What does this say about the morals and values being instilled into the minds of the Caner brothers? Were they being taught to hate Christians (as Ergun claims) or were they being taught to fear their Muslim father and subsequently develop a severe disliking for Muslims and those who adhere to the Islamic faith?

2. The Will of Ergun's Father, Acar

click here to view the document

The first thing that came to attention when looking at the will was that the name Mehmet was actually spelt as “Mehemet” – which is dissimilar to how the Caner brothers have written it in their book and also dissimilar to how Ergun writes it within his own fabricated name.

The key points we can learn from the will are:

1. Acar clearly identifies a single woman as his wife after marriage to Monica which contradicts Ergun’s claim that his father had many wives. Ergun also stated that his father had other wives secretly without telling his Monica! Maybe his father divorced them all within the space of 10 years, it is possible, not probable.

2. The name of Acar’s new wife is a native Turk name, along with the famous Muslim name Fatima (spelt as “Fatma”).  Maybe Acar regretted marrying a non-Muslim?

3. Acar left copies of the Qur’an of each of his children from the previous marriage (Ergun, Erdem and Emir). Pity they treat it so badly. . . .

There is not anything new we have learned from these documents other than the names of Acar’s two daughters from his new marriage. The rest of it simply confirms everything that we suspected in the first place without even referring to any documents.


Smathers, J. (2010). Ergun Caner, you moved to Ohio when you were 2 years old. Available: Last accessed 26 April 2010.

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