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Removal of "mhbcyouth" Winter Xtreme Videos 2008/2009 (17th March 2010)

When compiling all the videos and audios of Ergun Caner and his lies, I had encountered a set of videos on YouTube which were recordings of Ergun speaking at the "Winter Xtreme" events of both 2008 and 2009.

Within these videos he made various erroneous statements relating to his background, in fact in one video he said that his full born name is Ergun Mehmet Caner, which we know is untrue because his name pre-2001 was always Ergun Michael Caner.

He also mentioned within these videos that when he visits Emir, they both sit there speaking Turkish to one another!

Within these videos, he justified the use of terms such as Sand Monkey, Camel Jockey and Towel Head by telling the youth that it does not matter what people call you, rather, what really matters is what you answer to.

Anyway, long story short, every single video has been removed (not removed because of a usage violation, but DELETED by the uploader!)


It would be too time-consuming to document a screen shot of each and every video, however, looking back at my notes I know that the titles of the videos were:

"Ergun Caner speaks at Xtreme Winter 09'"


"Ergun Caner speaks at Xtreme Winter 08"

When searching this in Google, we can see that the videos still come up:

However, when you click on each video, this is what happens:

not just the videos...

Not only have the videos been deleted by the uploader, but the entire account is gone.

Look, try clicking on it here:

Wow, it doesn't work!!! I wonder why?

logical assumption

It is not a coincidence that these videos have been deleted. I can logically assume that some communication has taken place between those who uploaded the videos and Ergun (or people speaking on his behalf). Why are Ergun and his University trying so hard to cover up the lies and deceptions?

little do they know...

Maybe someone has downloaded and backed-up the entire series of the videos.... :)

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